Friday, 19 March 2010

Congrats to the bestie

Congrats to all the new Moms this month,

So today was the bestie's delivery day, and the whole family and friends went in to be with her and her family while she was in surgery. Her first child was a long and painful delivery which ended in an emergency c-section, this time she wanted to try a VBAC but her doctor told her it was impossible to do so (mean side-eye *it means a dirty look for those who don't know* right there o_0) because of her c-section scar, i had my doubts but i thought to keep them to myself, no need to worry her anymore than she already is .

So anyway, today was the day and we showed up with her and I tried to stay with her but they only allowed one person in at a time so her MOM tried to stay and they told her no (o_0 to the nurse) so she was by herself and she was so nervous and scared. But anyway we kept texting and that helped to keep her from being too nervous. 

Unfortunately she had to wait an extra hour and 1/2 because the woman who was due before her showed up late for her c-section (I mean who really does that?) but a few hours after she came rolling by us carrying her beautiful bundle of joy 6lbs 13oz, she looks like a little porcelain doll.

I just know she is going to love all the toys and gifts we got for her, it was an amazing weekend, the baby roomed in and I stayed overnight to help her get used to being a new Mom again. It was both great and uncomfortable (hospital beds suck big time) and apparently when in an uncomfortable position I snore. I became the butt of the nursing staff joke for the floor, but despite all the aches and pains it was all worth it because here is who we came for:

Well i hope i haven't bored you with my birth tale,
Thanks so much for stopping by

Love and Light always

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