Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Disney Part 2

Here are the last of my trip pictures to Salem. It's a trip anyone who can should attempt to take. here are some pictures of walking around and checking out historic homes:

Here is a view of their garden:

This is from the Boston tea company at the Peabody Museum located here in Salem

I also went to the Salem Witch Musesm which housed a little ritual room after the walk thru, here are some of the altars that are set up here:

What really surprised me on this trip ist that despite the fact that there are numerous signs asking people not to touch or move the altar items, how many people still picked them up and smelled them O_o
On the outside wall of the museum as your leaving.Are the amazing pictures of the Goddess

I love these pictures so much when I got home I blew them up and made small posters of them.
There is an awesome Pirate Museum in Salem that I love, they share the stories of how the Jolly Roger came to be the Pirate symbol and talk about all the Pirate who are famous, or is that infamous.

The Cabot Coven  of witches have an amazing pictural on the walls of the store leading it is:

It was huge so i had to break it up into smaller pictures, sorry for the jumbled look it wouldn't move into place the way i wanted so, there Im done trying.
When I stay in Salem I stay at the beautiful Salem Inn

I hope you enjoyed my view of Salem
Blessed Be


  1. Hello Aisha,
    I have been checking in on your blog from time to time and just now became a follower. I have been going back to your older posts and enjoying them immensely! I feel a kinship with you. Your story about being bullied by a teacher in your grade school reminds me so much of some of my horrible school experiences. It is amazing how you can take such a perfect wonderful creation as a child and then do such hurtful things to them! I also love your bucket list! I share many of your aspirations, good for you! It is wonderful to learn of people that are out living life, striving, and enjoying themselves! So glad to have met you over the internet and I look forward to checking in regularly. I too have a blog which you may enjoy (particularly the post on the practical magic blog party). You can find it at

  2. @ Tricia
    Thanks so much, yes i would love to check out your blog, and I am glad that you have found something here, I really needed a place to get all this out!! So thank you for stopping by and I will hopefully share more that you can relate to.


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