Wednesday 14 February 2024

As Pagans.. is my belief that as Pagans we should be fighting for balance in the world. We can't always be love and light, while that is certainly needed in the world; there have to be witches, Pagans and others who have to be willing to step into the grey and the dark and fight to keep the balance.  

Our world is seriously out of balance. I believe that this is why the top 1% hoard 99% of the world's wealth.  It's why blood money has become so easy to get, just sign here and you too can earn a couple thousand dollars trading stock in companies with monetary values that are arbitrarily made up, none of this is real, none of it can protect us. When the world stopped in 2020 money couldn't prevent the disease from taking you out.  My Grandfather used to say Death was an equal opportunity employer and everyone rich or poor would have to clock in eventually.  

Why am I talking about this?? Well we are currently watching as the fake country does it's best with the help of our American US tax dollars, which are being used to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from their historic land. As Pagans, we should be outraged not just at the loss of human life but at the blatant disregard for the environment. In their bid to hide the fact that Palestinians have lived in Palestine for millennia, they (isnotreal) have worked to cut down centuries old olive groves, destroyed rivers and wells by blockading them, damming them or just placing concrete within the river beds.  Amnesty International shares a really great article called The Occupation of Water which discusses this. I've linked a feature on an international channel which also discusses this: "Gaza Polluted Water due to Israel Blockade"


Not to mention the weapons they are using on the civilians of Palestine, weapons which are against the Geneva convention like white phosphorus smoke which when it comes in contact with the human body gives severe burns and is almost impossible to wash off. The CDC & WHO (World Health Org) label its use as a terroristic warfare and that because it's chemical compound makes it into acid when introduced to moisture, it destroys a human's lungs. This checical causes severe chemical burns on skin and damages the lungs, & eyes of those exposed along with being a forever chemical so even if it's washed off it has now contaminated the whatever it touches.  And yet this was used on children

    Israel (or Isnotreal as it will be known on this blog forever since it's not a recognized state and is instead an evil colonial attempt at apartheid). states Palestine was : "A Land without a People, for a People without Land" Like where have we heard that shit before, oh in every place that colonists have gone, wherever the Europeans landed and wanted to control. They are doing their best to mimic big brother America and the way it dealt with the Native populace, but where America didn't follow through on the complete Genocide of all the First Nations peoples of Turtle island; they have them penned in concentration camps and laughingly call them reservations. Baby that's a whole other topic for a whole other day.

 There are millions of things I could take the time to say about what isnotreal is doing, but we are running out of time. They have penned over a 1.5 million people into the southern most part of Palestine against the fences into Egypt and they are now starting to carpet bomb them. What part of this is "never again a holocaust??" Why is ok, that the victims of one genocide get the free will and money and support of the Western powers to perpetuate a genocide on another group???

    People always say if they lived during WW2 or in the occupied lands during the Holocaust they would have been the "good Germans" and hid people and gotten people out. Right now is our chance to show that we would have the quiet warriors who snuck children out of the ghettos, and out of the camps.

How we can help:

  •  Call your senators, email your senators, hell even fax to get your voice heard. Here are some links to use if you don't know what to say or whom to email/ call Link
  • Show up in your city council meetings and push like Chicago did to pass a resolution demanding a permanent ceasefire. 
  •  Donate to UNRWA because America and most of Europe have decided to retaliate against the UN for calling what Isnotreal is doing a genocide, by gutting the funding to this aid org that helps to feed the people of Gaza and so many other countries dealing with starvation and warfare.  
  • Donate to Doctors without Borders because they have lost people who have been trying to help in the hospitals as they are being bombed, which is again AGAINST THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS. 
  • Whatever you donate, DO NOT DONATE money to the  Red Cross, they have a history of taking donations and never doing what they promised with it. They are a scam, donate blood to them yes, but do not donate money. The people of Haiti are still waiting for their money from the massive earthquakes that struck 14 years ago. (it happened in 2010)  Source Same for many of the victims of Katrina.  Sources
  • Take part in the BDS boycotts, (Boycott, Divest & Sanctions) check their list of products and companies to avoid, including McD, Starbucks, Unilever and so much more. 
If you can send any images, tiktoks, youtube videos, social media posts that the Isnotreal military shows or shares on social media to the ICJ, which is the highest court in the world and their recent ruling of Israel committing acts of genocide, after South Africa filed a case against them. Source. They have until March to provide evidence they aren't committing acts of genocide, let's use their own arrogance against them and send that information to the International Court of Justice. Currently Ireland, South Africa and a few smaller nations are the only ones standing up to Isnotreal and America and the rest of Europe who keeps pretending they aren't aware of what is happening. 

Please for the love of all the Gods, and for our descendants who will one day ask what did we do at this time, SPEAK UP, donate, boycott and do your best to amplify Palestinian voices on social media, don't let others forget what is happening. 

With Love and Light, As Mandela said We Can't be Free until Palestine is Free