Wednesday 30 November 2011

21 Days of Yule Day 0

Welcome dear readers to another wonderful year of the Yule countdown. If you are just joining us for the first time the previous years posts are linked below. This year is going to be a fabulous time of crafting, cooking and totally witching out, as this is my first year in my own apartment I plan to go ALL out!! and will bring you along with me, I will be reviewing books, making crafts, sharing rituals, making gifts, oh baby it all goes down this Yule season.

Twenty ten Yule List:
 Day 1, Day 2, day3. day 4, day 5, day 6, day 7, day 8, day 9, day 0, day 01, day =, day03, day 04, day 05, day 06, day 07, day 08 day09, day 00, day 001, 

Of course the season wouldn't be complete if we also didn't countdown to Jan 6 or Mithra-mas(or "Epiphany on the Christian calendar", linked below are the posts from last year's eventful = days.
Twelve days of Mithra-Mas countdown:
day 1, day 2,day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, day 7, day 8, day 9,  day 0, dau01, day =.
Simply  click on each date and it will take you to last years post, hope to see you soon, as we kick off the first day of course tomorrow!!
Be Blessed

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Book Review: Destiny Calls

Book Title: Destiny Calls 
Author: Samantha Wayland
Publisher: Ellorascave ( Jasmine Jade Publishing)
Pages: 209
Cost; $ 6.99
How I Got it: Purchased 
Description: Patrick didn’t think it would be a big deal to kiss his best friend Brandon. Hell, they’d done crazier things to avoid a bar fight. He was totally unprepared to be wildly turned on, the kiss opening up new avenues of pleasure he’d never dreamt of—Patrick, after all, was straight, even if Brandon wasn’t.
Destiny’s never been afraid to ask for what she wants. When she sees Patrick and Brandon together, she knows exactly what she wants—the three of them in bed together, preferably with her in the middle of a hot, naked-man sandwich with her two best friends.
When Brandon finds himself hunted by an unknown enemy, the three friends find themselves fighting for their lives—and their hearts.

My take on the book:
Move over Destiny because these men are mine!! Can I say Samantha did it again? Her books (at least these two that I have read) are amazing. Characters with depth, relationships with meaning, Sex to die for, a little adventure thrown in & you have one hell of a story. I love the realism of the story, just because we have a thing going on doesn't mean it's permanent, & it takes one hell of a change for the people involved to look around and realise that they want more than just tonight. It sure helps that they run into the characters from With Grace. The books do link together, enhancing each story but can be read as stand alone as well. When I read With Grace, I immediately went back and purchased Destiny Calls just because I was so intrigued to hear Brandon's story.

The sex scenes are steamy, the romance is a bumpy ride to happiness & for once it's not the woman in the relationship who wants it to be permanent, in fact...wait no... I won't spoil it for you. Read this book, get the other one as well, lock the door and read to your hearts' content.

Story is 5/5 Excellent Read
Sex Scenes are 5/5 of Steamy

I truly enjoy supporting Jasmine Jade/Ellorascave books & I think you should too. (I am not receiving anything from them to say this or to review the books, so it's a honest review and an honest show of love for small press companies)

Be Blessed & Enjoy your reads

Thursday 24 November 2011

Why I hate when computers crash

because no matter how good a little witch backs up her computer the fail always takes place before the next back up which means any new pertinent photos, blog post, addresses, passwords, and projects gets erased before they could be saved.

I hate THAT, I had thousands of pictures that i had recently taken, of books, my old home, my move, two kids birthday parties, a shower for a new bride, a wedding, a receptions, preps for the hurricane irene and the damage, all gone. Everything I have including all my stuff which i set up for this blog all wiped, gone Nada, Zilch, music EVERYTHING, can I freaking say how much that shyt sucks donkey balls???

Yes I threw my English out the window on this little rant, but thems the breaks Le Sigh!!!

Tuesday 22 November 2011


30 years ago after forty two weeks of pregnancy, bed rest and worry a young teacher and her husband rushed to hospital so she could give birth to their first child, a little bundle of joy that they labored to have, a viable pregnancy after several miscarriages and the strong fear that they wouldn't have children, their little budnfle of joy slipped into the world, a 8lb baby girl, with a shock of black hair, beautiful brown eyes, and squall that shook the rafters. She was two weeks overdue and non too happy at having been prodded out before she was ready.... On this day they became a family......

Just for fun I looked up my birthday, man oh man today maybe a good day for my family but it is also an anniversary of JFK's assassination, surely a sad day for many.
I'm not sure how I feel about being born 18 years later, and having to share this date with him, not a good date at all. For those who lived through this, i am truly sorry such an amazing light was removed from our world.  

However this day makes me a Scorpio/Sagittarius with a love of the unseen mysteries so maybe I don't mind so much.  It Feels odd, because I'm clearly no longer a maiden, and I have no children (yet), so I'm not a mother and I'm no where near being a Crone (although I will truly revel in that aspect when I get there Goddess willing).  Where do I fit?? I figured I am a maiden who is a little on the mature side(ok mostly mature), I have accomplished a few of my dreams, I have a ton more to go, although I was too busy this month to really take on as many as I wanted the overall Goal of Midwifery is being worked on daily so that makes the Bucket list a little smaller for the 'new' year. 

I found a letter I had written to my future self as a young freshman in college and in it I had written some of my future goals and what i expected myself to be doing by this age, it was all written before I knew I was sick, before I knew how far my life would veer off the course I was setting,
"Dear future Michaela
by now I expect you have finished school, have found a great position that you love and are living so much better than this. Do we have any children yet?? Is our partner handsome?? If not I hope you have a very good excuse?? Like you have become a wanderer, a voyager to far off lands, and (please Goddess say you have left boring old CT behind)..."  HAHA if I knew then what my diagnosis was going to be a few months later maybe this letter would have been a little less like a punch in the gut, when I saw it; but it was a good reminder of how far I had come, how much better and richer my life is becoming now.

Even though I haven't hit all the milestones society has laid out, hell even the ones I placed there haven't all been hit, but it's great to have another year of goals achieved, dreams undeterred and life lived beneath the belt, now if I can only hit a few more before the world ends on Dec 21, 2012, I will be golden!!!

(Okay I admit I don't truly believe the world will end, but something big is coming and if it changes the world we know into something else I want to be able to say well hell at least I hit most of the bucket list...)

So enjoy this day, light a candle for JFK's family and his spirit and celebrate a little for me
Because It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Monday 21 November 2011

Christmas Spirit Blog Post 1

I have to admit I'm a Christmas Movie addict, movies I would give the normal side eye to for being to cliche' or impractical get a Christmas pass, I love romance, I love Yule season, there is nothing more fun than a romantic Yule Movie. Here is a list of some of my favorites which I have been catching up on thus far!!
Holiday in Handcuffs,
I'm a Melissa Joan Hart fan, i've loved her since "Clarissa Explains It All", and I have watched a lot of her movies, and shows for years just because she's in it. Although I have to think 'in real life she would have been arrested long before this' this movie is AMAZING I love watching Slater and Sabrina together in a movie (Gods I just aged myself didn't I??) 
Anyway here is the synopsis:
"A struggling artist working as a waitress kidnaps one of her customers to bring home and meet her parents at Christmas after her boyfriend bails on her on the last moment"

Can I just say she took it to the heart when he dropped her on Christmas Eve?? I'm not sure this was the way to go but it certainly made the movie absolutely hilarious as David attempted to escape adn her Grandma "Don't Call Me that" kept getting into trouble man... a really good Yule movie, just suspend your belief in reality for a while and enjoy!!!

Another good ABC 25 days of Christmas Movie that I liked was Christmas Cupid I watched this one again on Netflix along with Holiday in Handcuffs. 

Starring the handsome Chad Michael Murray and Christina Milan and that girl from Pretty Little Liars as a would be angel and her job is doing what she can so she can get her wings.  This is another feel good comedic Christmas Movie but I love it!!! It's also a unique twist on "A Christmas Carol" Here is the preview below:

Can I say Hilarity ensues?? I personally really liked this one, because right up until the last few scenes you never knew whether to root for her or not.

Well, I hope you check out these two movies, and be aware that ABC is doing some great new 25 Days countdown starting Dec 1st and they will also have a new movie as well I will do a review for that one as well when I see it,

Happy Countdown everyone!!!
Yule Blessings

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Book Review:

Book Title: The Forest Lord
Author: Susan Krinard
Pages: 400 
How I got it: From my personal Library
Synopsis: To return to Tir-a-nog, Hern must conceive a half mortal child to help keep the Fae from dieing off. Centuries ago Hern made a pact with the humans near the ancient forest, the family doesn’t hunt in the forest and they will prosper, this plan has worked for generations, now someone has broken his vow, and Hern’s wrath will be felt”
My Review:
I have had this book in my collection several years, and just never got around to reading it. Can I tell you how upset I am that I waited this long?? This is a great read, i’m thinking Mrs or is it Miss Krinard is wither a Celtic Pagan or she has done some serious research int the myths of Herne.
I really wished to read this for the Welcoming the God event, but school intervened with plenty of projects, so I’m now learning to slide in the fun stuff during the robust studying sessions. 

Why I Love It: She obviously did her research because just about everything she shared is information of the Celtic traditions. which I greatly appreciated (nothing i hate more than to read a book and realize the 1) author has never been to the place they are describing 2) they are making assumptions about a culture, history or a people 3) they are relying on faulty or dated information and passing that shiggity on)
I love Herne (the real God) and the god Hern in the book, the character carries many of the similarities between the one I have met and the one in the book. Strong, proud, arrogant, ( I mean he is a God right?) Her description of the character in his true form and the known form of Herne the God evoke a sense of power (or perhaps I'm adding that sense since I associate those feeling with the God )
Mrs Krinard was excellent at the describing the history of the story without bogging it down the story with unnecessary information. the female lead Eden was an excellent character to read about and to hear from as some of the story was told from her point of view.
There are more books in the series called "The Fane" which I will look forward to reading.
I see this becoming one of my favorite reads, as I loved the ending. this was a great Faerie tale and like all Faerie tales it ended with a great twist.

Enjoy the Tales my loves

Thursday 3 November 2011

Paranornal Telly: Once Upon a Time.....

For once I’m on to the shows while they are showing, since these both just started i have gotten in on the ground floor so to speak. I’m so excited to share with you Once Upon a Time, 
which you can also catch up on via Hulu, it's the second episode so far and I'm in Love!!!
The show is about all our favorite fairy tales being actually true, and they have been sent to the town of Storybrooke, Maine and frozen in time since the evil Queen from Snow White's tale cast a curse, it all really centers on Snow White's tale, but we also meet characters from other tales including the evil Queen from Sleeping Beauty, who counsels the evil Queen from Snow White not to do what she is about to do. You know it's scary when even the evil Queen is cautious about messing with it.  
oh man I am loving the show already, two episodes in and I have already chosen my favorite characters including yes Rumpelstiltskin, he so played the Queen lovely, she didn't see his betrayal coming at all.

Can I tell you these characters are wonderfully portrayed so far they have the right actors and actresses portraying them and it makes it both fantastical yet believable, it also makes you wonder, What if this could truly happen??

I am however still trying to figure out who the sheriff is supposed to be, I know who the following characters are already: Grandmother,Snow White, Prince Charming,Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, as well as Jimmy Cricket, we haven't even begun to see the other characters yet and I so can't wait!!! I enjoyed how they threw in the references to the tales, including the Mirror coming up to the Queen as a newspaper man who runs the Daily Mirror, the Gnome in her garden being a character who laughed at her and she made him into stone, Henry's name, the apples that let you know she was the Queen. The visual field of this show is amazing and I can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings. Although the fake castles are a hoot!!

Tune in on Sundays at 9 est on ABC
Enjoy and Be Blessed my loves

Images of the show belong to ABC and Once Upon a Time. Video courtesy of Youtube

Paranormal Telly: Grimm:This is no fairy tale...

When I first heard the premise I thought " Ha that's going to be stupid" then of course I figured huh why not watch and see if it's stupid i can walk away no harm no foul, but I need another show to replace the disappointment that is Secret Circle, so here I was friday night watching this show. Man oh man it's got me hook line and sinker, and I'm so excited that "Just Jack" is executive producing (it's a Will and Grace reference).

I watched the show and whoowee i can't wait for Friday's episode, I want to know what's going to happen and who or what the heck is that chick, and the boss, and what else is going to happen and will his aunt be able to tell him enough before she dies, and ooh will his girlfriend stick around, will his partner?

Loved the little red riding hood tale, and how he ended up being the 'kind' huntsman who rescues her from the big bad wolf.  I really love the Big Bad Wolf Monroe, who he befriends, I can tell as long as the show keeps going the same way as this episode it should do pretty well. It's funny that to each of them are each other's bogeymen, to the Blutbot and the fairy tale characters, the Grimm's and family are used to scare them, to the average human, the fairy tales and it's monsters are told to scare them. I particularly loved the play on words about the Grimm Reaper.

The producers are from Angel. Buffy and X-Files so the show should have a pretty good backing and they have over 204 fairy tales to take from so plenty of good material to do the show on, hopefully they will continue on a good trajectory, because this is amazing!!!

You can watch new episodes on Hulu as well as NBC's website.
It's on NBC on Friday's 9/8est

Enjoy the tales my loves and I will see you

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Welcome New Month

Hello my loves
Happy Witch's/Druid's/Celtic New Year!!
How was your Samhain?  How about Dio Del Los Muertos? Have fun these last few days? I know I most certainly did. It was a good time to end the year and begin anew.
My other favorite time of year is fast approaching and this month is just a great jumping off for the New Celtic Year, I reviewed all the plans made last year, and have implemented and updated a few, tossed aside a few more old habits and am so excited to journey on along this path.
In New England we got a freaky snow storm the day before Samhain, the snow didn't last long but it sure freaked everyone out, and caused quite a stir.
With having my own home now, I was able to make and burn loose incense for the first time. It was amazing!!
My ritual this year was a new one, taken from the Sabbats Almanac, with a few changes to make it my own, it was amazing to set up my ritual altar and not have to worry that my parents would come wondering in and see it and freak.
I must admit I was a little late with the decorations this year, as I needed to purchase new hooks and stuff to hang things up, I made fresh carpet cleaner, and cleaned my home from top to bottoms so that I could start the New Year on a good setting. This was one of the few times since I have been a witch that I was able to ritual without needing to rush home from the local witchy shop where they have Magic Mondays and hold open rituals.  Since I now live in the same basic area I don’t have to worry about explaining where I have been or what is that smell. LOl
It’s so freeing when you can do as you need without the fear of repercussions.  This Samhain was amazing because my time wasn't restricted and I revelled in the knowledge and the ritual and the music and lovely smelling incense which I will share with you later.
How was your Samhain and what things did you get rid of and what goals are you seeking for the new year??
This month is going to be chuck full of entertainment and knowledge, and quite a few more posts, I will also be setting up the 21 Days of Yule again this year and will have a better handle on how to handle the blog party aspect so if your interested, make sure to get your ideas all ready and set for December 1st!!
I will be cleaning up, updating, taking down a lot of stuff on the blog, so please be on the look out for those changes and pardon my dust while I do so. As you can see I will be joining in on the Yuletide feeling early, I will be in on the Christmas Spirit's Christmas blog party.
This is also my birthday month and I'm thinking of some fun stuff to do all month long and share with y'all. I have so many ideas, now if I could just chunk them all into this month without running out of time.
Today is 11/1/11 Did you make a wish??
Be Blessed and good luck