Sunday 31 January 2010

The Dining room proadly presents....Your Dinner:

These are the words Luminere sings to Belle in Beauty & the Beast, well today's entree is (drum roll please)

 Chicken parmesan with pasta ( how is that something new You say, well read further & find out)

I got the recipe from Clean Eating Magazine (March/April 2010)
Ill share with you the recipe now:

olive oil spray,
2 tsp olive oil,
1/2 cup white onion, diced,
1 green bell pepper (seeded & diced);
2-3 cloves garlic;
2 tsp dried oregano;
1 28oz jar crushed tomatoes,
1 tsp tomato paste;
1/2 cup whole wheat panko bread crumbs
1 tbsp reduced fat parmesan cheese, grated
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
4 4oz boneless chicken breasts, pounded in 1-in thickness
1 tbsp dijon mustard
1/2 cup skim mozzerella
8oz cooked whole wheat penne (or pasta of your choice)


One: preheat oven to 400 F. Coat a large baking sheet with cooking spray

Two: Heat a saucepan pver medium heat, add onion,pepper & garlic, saute' til soft 3-5 mins. Add 1 tsp of oregano allow 30 secs of coating on the vegs.
Add tomatos & tomato paste bring to simmer.
reduce heat to low partially cover 20-30 mins

Three: Meanwhile combine panko, parmesan, oregano, thyme, salt & pepper, Combine well: brush both sides of chicken with Dijon (i used grey poupon 2.64 @ target, same as the cheap stuff so why not?
Put all the breast into the panko mix then lay on baking sheet. bake 20 mins

Four: top each with tomato 2-3 tsp & 2 tbsp of mozzeralla. nake 10 mins until crusts is golden brown & cheese is melted & bubbly.

Five: Arrange on plate & top pasta with sauce.

Nutrients per serving:
After makeover before makeover
Calories: 469 1032!!!!
total fat: 12 25
sat. fat: 2.5 12
carbs: 43 127
fiber: 5.5 6
sugars: 3 12
protein: 34.5 69
sodium: 585 1233
cholesterol: 70 22

Hope you enjoy dinner

Friday 22 January 2010

Today's Dinner

Yesterday i went to hang out with my sisters so i just warmed up some of the lentils for dinner. For breakfast i had pancakes (i havent had those in a while)

Today is my day off so i got up late and made mushromm stragnoff with whole wheat penne pasta OMG this is so delicious i have never tried stragnoff so i dont know how that is suppossed to taste but this mushroom meal is so good!!!

I need a new SD card so couldnt make a video of dinner but ill make it again and film it for ya'll and put it on my youtube channel.

i think i will start a listings of the recipes im making for the next week

thanks for stopping by & reading

Blessed Be

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Health Update

So i measured and weighed myself today, man was i kinda shocked at the numbers on the scale cause i dont keep one in the home. I weigh 232 lbs and im 5ft 3in so i now have a goal number in mind, i never really cared about the numbers on the scale (hence not having a scale) but now its time to get serious about getting back into shape and being healthy, Im not trying to become 100 lbs (that so wouldnt look right on me) but i want to be at a health weight and a managable weight.

I have lupus and i need tp get back into shape so that i can manage my medicine better.

But now that i have a starting point i know that i have to get serious and put some goals up. Realistic goals, So here we go: by my 30th birthday which is in two years i will have lost the excess weight and be in shape better than ever before. So i have two years to lose the excess weight in a healthy manner so that i'll be less likely to gain it back & you guys are going to help.

Ill share my menus and meal planning and food habits and intake and ill also share whats new on the exercise front

Yay goals to reach for

thanks for stopping by and reading

Blessed Be

Tuesday 19 January 2010

Today's Dinner

Today i had a double chocolate chip muffin, and lentil stew i made today. I love it this stew is amazing!!! im super excited i got my new datebook today,a 10.99 book for 4.00 Im so excited!1 (its truly the little things) then i had just before i went to bed a chocolate chip muffin i need to find alternatives to snacking so late at night and find some better muffin recipes because these are soooo bad for you but man do they taste amazing

I also made two new crochet blocks today, yellow and white where the colors im finding so many patterns online that i want to try so im going to try them and make a blacnket with all the sampler blocks im trying out. Its a great way to use up all the excess small yarns i have in my stash!!!

Well thats enough for now

thanks for stopping by and reading

Blessed Be

Monday 18 January 2010

Today's Dinner:

today i had beef potroast, with califlower & rice & peas. It was amazing.

On projects: I'm almost done with the row of blocks of pink and green now i just have to stitch and block it all. Im thinking i should block it seperatly so that its easier that attempting to block a whole blanket, plus to tell the truth i just dont have all that work space to lay out a 120 block blanket and these arent little blocks either,

On other fronts im really loving crocheting and am enjoying that it takes less than a third of the time for doing a crochet block than a knitted block.

I got a ton of new books from the library about quilting and am enjoying reading and learning how to do this thing, its going to be fun i can wait to get my other projects done so i can start going through all the excess fabric i have and start making some quilts (yay)

Im a crafter at heart and im feeling the juices flowing; all these new things i can make that i was too chicken shyt to try before now i just no longer care i NEED to try them otherwise Ill be stiffling myself.

well enough about me for today, thanks for stopping by and reading

Blessed Be

Sunday 17 January 2010


So i have been trying out different patterns from online I think im going to make a sampler afghan of my crochet patterns i have enough yarn to try it out. & i suscribe to a ton of knitting blogs that also have crocheting so now i no longer have to be a coward about that section of the emails and newsletters cause i now know how to crochet ( no that im a pro already but this is pretty bloody easy).

Nothing too exciting tonite for dinner i will be having chicken with carrots, mushrooms & rice and peas. For tomorrows dinner i think i will make lentils again, i have a book on vegetarian cooking so i think ill try out some of their recipes and share 'em with ya'll if you dont mind.

i made pot roast last nite with rice and peas (jamiacan style) I'm trying to get a bunch of videos up on my youtube channel i have several series going on right now and i really need to stop prograstinating and get on with them, cause as soon as i have an idea i see someone else doing it as if because i dont move fast enough the idea gets passed on to someone else who would.

I had a really great convo with my younger sister yesterday,we hadnt really talked in years!! i mean really talked about feelings and all the things going on in our lives, we just normally talked about everything thing else and we had a huge fight over christmas and everything came out and since then we have been Okay, not like best friends (yet) but im working on it. My new years objectives ( im not calling them resolutions so that this year ill really stick with them) was to repair and embrace better relationships with my family and friends. So that's one being worked on about 15 more to go (uhhh, how do these things get so complicated?)

Well thats enough for now


Saturday 16 January 2010

First Granny Square

I am so excited, i tried to do my first granny square and OhMigosh it came out amazing. I'm in love with crocheting, my mom got me an amazing book for making table decorations and im going to try that out, but I'm still having trouble reading the instructions, knitting instructions are way easier to read. My square came out a little lopsided because i added in one extra stitch but hey its a great first try, I'm going to keep it and mark it in my knitting journal. 

For dinner today I made chicken pot pie, it came out great but next time I’ll use regular flour i tried to make it healthier with whole wheat flour crust, it just doesn't taste the same. but it came out really great considering. Some things you just cant substitute.

I made two dinners from the chicken i purchased on Wednesday and have left-over still, best 9.00 I ever spent for food.

Well back to my granny squares, I’m following the pattern from tjw1963 on she's pretty amazing and goes slow for newbies like me, she even has a blog on here too.

Thanks for stopping by

Friday 15 January 2010

Projects I'm working on

Hey guys (gals)
I'm working on a few things right now. I have on several projects on two different needles. I'm almost done with my pink and green blanket, i have a few more blocks to do and then i have to do the edging I'm trying to figure how to do it. I have a seafoam blue-green yarn that i'm also working on its called the " Bear claw" im a little lost in that one cause i put it down so long ago I have NO idea what part of the pattern im actually in.

I have a ton more ideas including a couple of latch hook projects to complete. I also have a few i have to make into either wall hangings or pillows. I think i might go the pillow route. I have a bunch of other things im working on. I cant wait to complete a bunch of them and put them up here so ya'll can see 'em

Blessed Be

Thursday 14 January 2010

Welcome to my blog

Hey internet...

This is my first blog. I have never done this before. I'm looking forward to sharing with ya'll my journey.I'm in the process of losing weight to maintain a healthier lifestyle and this blog will (kinda) keep me accountable.

I love to create things and cook and explore new things & recipes so I will share what I learn with ya'll if you promise not to laugh at my failures. Sounds good? Excellent!!! 

Well today i had Moroccan Chicken and lentil stew for dinner and despite my families resistance while I was cooking it they actually enjoyed it (how do I know you ask) well they all had seconds!! What better compliment than that? 

I'll put up the pictures of dinner so you can see what it looked like:
Here is the lentil stew:
Here I have the Moroccan Chicken

This is a serving of the meal
this is my plate with Egyptian licorice tea. Yummmm
Well this is good for a first blog,  I like this. I'll share more later, like the recipe. As always my loves: dine well and Fly safe.

Blessed Be


Disclaimer: I just wanted to create a page (took the page down it's now a post) where some of the emotion icons can be explained for those who have no idea what they mean so here we go( some of these are taken from an awesome blog that i follow but the definitions are culture orientated ):

O_o  or o_O is a side eye look or the look one gives some one out of the corner of your eye, its more of an emotion of "Your and idiot" or "this is BS" just said with a look

O_O is a look of surprise or horror

(I will add more as i use them or think of them)