Book Review Policy & Schedule Information

Hi, I'm Aisha

This is the new weekly schedule for the blog. These are the posts that will be set on these days, not necessarily that I will post on those days.  Open posts mean there is no real set schedule, I will just share whatever pops into my head, my life or whatever is going on that I wish to post about.
  • Monday: Monday Musings/Monday Movie Reviews
  • Tuesdays: Book Reviews (Link over to The Bewitching Bibliophile) & Pagan Book Reviews
  • Wednesday: Kitchen Witchin Wednesdays
  • Thursday: Open posts/ Paranormal Telly
  • Friday: Open posts/ Weekly Challenge Recap/Follow Fridays
  • Saturday: Open posts/Book Reviews/
  • Sunday:  Sacred Pampering Days

Any other questions I will be happy to answer via email.
Thank You