Sunday 22 May 2011

Sooooo.... I'm still here

How about you??

I decided not to do a post before hand because I didn't want to be seen as someone making fun of the people doing this. I saw back in February a guy driving around town with his car covered with  the 'save the date' stuff i figured it must be a concert they were advertising, and chose not to pay anymore attention, then last week, the news began to run this story. Even my rusty Christian skills I still remember that NO one can predict the second coming of Christ. Even Christ himself stated that even He knows not when the Father would bring this battle between good and evil to a head.

The concept of the 'rapture' actually refers to a biblical text
 ".and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord" 1 Thessalonians 4:
Does anyone else notice the difference between what this Camping guy was saying and what the BIBLE actually says???? Yes dear readers it says the DEAD in Christ, as in those who are already dead, passed on, no longer of body and soul, but simply soul.  No where does it say God is going to start harvesting the alive humans and bring them along with him to heaven. The modern translation of seeing 'alive' Christians being 'raptured' is pretty new, this is a Puritan concept spread by Cotton Mather, in the 17th century(circa 1600s).
Now you have to be wondering why am i even taking notice of this??? For several reasons

1) every time someone has 'predicted' the end of days, or stated that there is a space alien ship coming to take them home an increase, either direct or indirect (either happening at the same time or within days of the failed prediction) of suicides, as people think they have to die along with their leaders to make it into heaven. O_o which is of course in direct difference from the Bible, and is infact considered a direct, one way ticket to hell, which of course is the opposite of the goal of getting to heaven. 

2) It was obviously a slow news week otherwise why the hell would every Gods blessed channel bring this shyt up??  It just shows how one 'news' channel (fox) showing this brings others around even thought they may have passed on 'reporting' this information because they recognized that giving fuel to the fire isn't right  This predicting the world is going to end isn't new, for as long as there has been faith, there have been people predicting the end, don't believe me take a look at the long list of Christians, Charlatans, and psychopaths who have predicted the end.

3) It shows humanities desperate need to feel, or be led even if it by a 89 year old man who has had many predictions not come through before.  It seems each generation must have one or two who are desperate to become someone and use Christianity as their vehicle of feeling and being 'important'.  there have been several men who have done this, creating cults which pull in those who want to feel needed, loved, and apart of something, so much so that they give up all their worldly goods to the leader and become victims in their desperation.

4) It truly brought out the immaturity of many of the 'heathens', those who decided to capitalize on those who were desperate to be apart of this. It started pretty simple with the people who created "After the Rapture facebook pages"; ok I will admit, when my friend invited me, I jokingly said I would rob a bank or two with him, maybe even a Cadillac dealership.  But as the week came to a close, the viciousness of some of the people posting to these events escalated.   With people stating they were going to sacrifice or desecrate churches, and altars.  I may not be Christian, but the concept of someone desecrating a sacred place, just because it isn't sacred to them, is very abhorrent to me.  
Do we know the guy was wrong?? Pretty certain, did it give us the right to call those who desperately need something they are missing and are seeking it from someone who says he has it 'pathetic, stupid" and all manner of other names?? No, this isn't fifth grade people, we don't have to go so hard to prove how much better we are because we don't believe him, or his faith.  

5) several young children I knew where afraid that they wouldn't be good enough to go to heaven, and were terrified of leaving their families, this kind of mass hysteria b.s has got to stop, even though their parents didn't allow the t.v to be on the news, it was on the radio, in magazines, other kids were talking about it, so much so that a 10 year old totally continent young man wet his bed three nights in a row, and his sister had nightmares for days.  Seriously was no one thinking what this was doing to young children who really haven't comprehend that this was a hoax??  Who think their parents were simply trying to make them feel better, because if it's on the news then it must be true right??

To me a lot of what happened this week smacked of some serious insecurity, immaturity, and pure unadulterated capitalism.  As well as proving that Fox news really is a "leader in news", they took a man who would not have reached as many people as he did without their help and made him into a international news sensation.  People quit their jobs, spent all their retirement money, and personal savings because they wouldn't have to face the world after yesterday, and now that the prediction hasn't come true are going to "gnashing their teeth and moaning".

As an empath this week has been trying, tiring and draining, many people wouldn't admit that they really gave him credence, but they were scared and you could feel it, the children who were old enough to know, but not quite understand he was a charlatan, were desperately afraid, and needed to be loved and told, to ignore the 'news' because he really couldn't predict it.  and then there was the constant bombardment of the people who were really afraid and vocal about their fear, who pulled you down with them in their fear.  I'm going to need a vacation from this, it seems mean to say it, but I hate people like him, who stir up the human emotion to the point that even the strongest shields can't hold out against it; 89 yrs old or not, he needs to have his butt kicked for this. ( I'm not advocating elder abuse, but I really wish the cops would show up and tell him to stop screaming fire in a crowded theater). It wasn't just me either, several little witchs I knew, especially those with psychic gifts felt the strong disturbance this brought with it. Several noted increased headaches, and one even had a full blown panic attack after being in a small crowd of people who where talking about the event (her gift comes from touching, she had touched and bumped several of the people including a little girl who was scared her dad wasn't going to heaven with them, because he had gone to jail)

Now that the egg is on his face, how is he going to fix this, maybe he will point these things out and say, see I told you something was going to happen:(taken from the news link above)
"a tornado killed one person and damaged at least 20 homes in Kansas, a 6.1-magnitude quake stuck 600 miles off New Zealand with no reports of injury, a much smaller quake, 3.6, was felt my many people Saturday evening in the San Francisco Bay area, and Iceland's most active volcano started erupting."

Several communities have set-up increased counselors, because as history has taught us, each time one of these predictions doesn't come true, people get desperate, and do things they normally wouldn't including ending their lives to get away from it all.  

To me it's sad to see that even in this day and age, their are still people who haven't learned to seek within before seeking without, as the Goddess says 
" And you who seek to know Me, know that the seeking and yearning will avail you not, unless you know the Mystery: for if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it without."
Be Blessed


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