Thursday 1 November 2012

End of Month Recap: October

How's it Been So Far:
This month's recap is a quick look at what happened this month in the forms of each challenge.  

Goal for the Month: 35 Books Read: 
Stats:Books Left: 24   Completed: 11  
You can see that I did waaaayy better this month than in September, I read the following books: * you can click on the highlighted books to see the review* This month however was a bit scattered and I didn't read as well as I could have, next month I have to do better, I'm so close to my goal and I just can't not do it.  

Advanced Review Book List:
  1. The New Tarot Handbook ~ Rachel Pollock ✔
  2. Mrs. B's Guide to Household Witchery ~ Kris Bradley
  3. How to Marry a Warlock in 10 days ~Saranna Dewylde ✔
  4. Charming Blue ~ Kristine Grayson ✔
My Own Review:
  1. Indulgence In Death ~ JD Robb ✔ 
  2. Treachery In Death ~ JD Robb 
  3. Get a Life: 8 Steps to Create your Own Life List ~ Stephanie Bond ✔
  4. An Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian ~ Sherman Alexie ✔
  5. Sweet Talk ~ Julie Garwood ✔
Bonus & Kindle Freebies:
  1. The Fairy's Wish ~ Maggie Shayne
  2. Witch Moon ~ Maggie Shayne
Goals For Next Month:

November's Book Challenge Post is Here. The Goal again is 35 books. 
I also have the goal of 31 days for the No Soda Challenge. 30 Days of Yoga Compliance, & 21 days of gym attendance. Yeah October was a shyt month for health, but hopefully no I will do better

What are your goals for the month?? What have you complete this month?? Share in the comments.

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