Tuesday 11 December 2012

21 Days of Yule: Day 11: Making Decorations

I don't know about y'all but this month is just flying by so fast!!. I collected updated addresses from my friends just last week it feels like (it's actually right before American Thanksgiving) and already it's fast approaching Yule. It's crazy in two shakes it will be here. Have you done your decorations yet??? I'm here to confess nope, no I haven't put up all my decorations, because you know what I discovered??? What seems like a lot of decorations in one room?? Doesn't quite stretch to decorations for an entire apartment.
My mother has a massive decoration collection, of course she collected them over a 30 year lifetime of decorating her own home. She has amazing and beaitiful collector pieces from Tiffany, Waterford, Spode & Lenox, as well as small pieces from  no name brands.  We each have pieces that we have contributed, either by making or purchasing when we were little or when we went on vacations, one of my favorites is a snowglobe from Disney with Mickey & m=Minnie inside.  With that as a background I have learned that saving and getting one or two really good pieces is better than buying cheap stuff I'm picky so I have been watching the sales and waiting for the good stuff to go on sale right before Yule and of course the after Christmas sales will be awesome, i'll really stock up then. . Hence no real decorations yet. Luckily for me my yarn stash ?? Is fierce and I decided to make some of my decorations as well. If your like me a can wield a hook or a pair of needles with awesome precision, here are some of my favorite sites to get free patterns as well as some serious ideas  to suuppliment the bought decorations.  One of the things I'm working on i will show you on Wednesday!!

Here's my crafting list:
Red Heart Yarn Pattern Finder:  Sign up for theit email and get 12 weeks of crochet & knitting ideas for christmas. Now all you need is time!!

CrochetPatternCentral  this website is awesome it shares so many different patterns from all over the web. Click on the Holiday tab (which is what I have linked to ) or go the the main page and serach based on pattern idea.

Ravelry if your not on here, your missing out. It's an awesome way to note all your projects, ones on the hooks & needles, & even your stash & needle sizes. It's one fo the best communities for those addicted to yarn.

Lily Sugar & Cream Yarn, this company makes cotton or kitchen yarn as some call it. Their patterns are amazing and of course for their products, but I just love thier differnt holiday ideas including the wine bottle cozy.

Lion Brand Yarn has an amazing website and a great list of patterns to choose from. Make sure to check them out.
Of course one can't forget the woman I learned to crochet from, my mother tried to teach me but it was confusing because she went so fast, I learnt by rewinding and slowing down Teresa's videos. The Art of Crochet by Teresa is an amazing site and has so many amazing ideas.

So there you have it. I will show some of the patterns I have been working on this week and let you know about my decorations.  How are yours coming along?? Share in the comments & I will swing on over.

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