Sunday 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to the American (or those celebrating across the world) Mothers (since the Brits celebrated in March).
It takes a lot to be a mother
To have compassion 
patience, common sense & know how to laugh
To being really good at hiding how much you yourself are unsure
Being a mother is a job, with no vacations, very little appreciation *at first*
So here's a little bit:
To the women who care
The women who share
who raise a child
who calm their fears
Whether your natural born or adopted child
If you mother someone 
Today like everyday we celebrate you
Happy Mother's Day to you!!

My Favorite Song I play for my mother:

If you like Rap then here is:
And Kanye West:

And for the many women who wish to be mother's but can't but still mother someone else's children, the women who make the decision to go out and adopt the world's little ones: 
Well there you have it my loves, be happy, celebrate your mother's the women who helped you, the women who mentored you, not necessarily the woman who birthed you, but the women who choose to give you guidance, love, affection and when you needed it a good kick in the rear to get you on the right path.

And for those doing  this daily, we thank you
Happy Mother's Day my loves

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