Saturday 6 February 2010

old blog made new again

life comes at you fast.
it seems like just the other day i was graduating high school now its almost time for me to leave college and im so not prepared for the real world i mean for real who ever really is prepared??
now im at a turning point in my life and im trying to decide how and where im to go from here, boy it's confusing. everyone and their mama has an opinion and are standing back to watch and see, if you take their advice and succeed the they take credit but if u fail it's ur fault. people suck sometimes.
how do you know if the path ur walking on is the right one?
u can read look and research but how do u really know? wheres the connection that i once had to myself i feel pulled in so many directions, putting up so many fronts that im leaking all over instead of being all together. not having a car sucks and i wont be able to get one because of my eyesight, (this sucks glutes maximus big time). here's to hope and lets pray that this is the right path if not i'm toast. love sucks big time, when ur in it its great when ur stuck it hurts so much and when it done u tell urself u've learned so much, yet what do u say when ur stuck but not hurt and just no longer give a cupid's arrow?
i have so much going for me and so much i want to accomplish yet i feel like im moving in quick sand and can't get anywhere, but my goals and the next step up the ladder is just out of reach. well im a do only what i can, give it everything and just step out on faith. (and pray that the road will reach up to meet me (irish saying)).
here's a blessing so you don't leave with a negative vibe:
may you always have walls for the wind, a roof for the rain, tea to drink on a cold day, a fire to keep you warm and those you love by your side.(ok copied from a beautiful irish saying.)
blessed be

Love and Light

i posted this on mypsace originally but i never really looked back at it, man I was really wise back then

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