Tuesday 2 February 2010

Taking lunch

I stayed up late tonite to make lunch for tomorrow.

I made my new obsession Lentil stew with morrican chicken.
Eating clean is so cool and interesting but so much work. I am getting tired of eating though, six meals a day is getting hard to do, i feel like im eating all day. Even though its not all big meals even eating peanut and almond butter is starting to make me feel like a big peanut.

I have added in other items into the regimen, like my sisters' really amazing zucchini bread, which I will have  a slice as a snack, I have also added in the chocolate chip protein powder, but even that you can only drink so much of.

I really don't know why Im complaining at least its healthy food compared to what i used to eat before. And I am trying things I wouldn't have before like celeriac root, sweet potato, radishes and the like, even the cooking methods are unique. I am officially in love with my slow cooker; alas all these things can only do so much, I now need to add in the exercise part.

Anyhoo i just wanted you to know how I am doing with the improved diet.
thanks for stopping by & reading

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