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Sacred Pampering: Creating the Perfect Sleep Area

Ikea inspired bedroom
Your Bedroom, a sanctuary, a source of good memories, it's where when you were a child you took your friends to sit and gab, maybe you shared with siblings and had the 'side-war', it's where you were sent for punishment, it's where you studied for school, and as an adult(if your lucky) it's where you have some good times.  This is the room you spend a lot of time in, it should be a place that calms you, and helps you relax.

For many of us (especially those sharing apartments) your bedroom, may play many roles, including acting as a 'family room' a game room, where guests come to visit, a office, as well as a room you eat in and watch t.v in.

The way you sleep can be adversely affected by your bedroom atmosphere. Simple things like smell, light and noise can disturb your ability to get a good nights sleep. Not to mention, having piles of clothing, books, or paperwork lying around can distract you and keep your mind working when you should be shutting down. 

Here are some good steps to aide in making your bedroom perfect for sleeping:

Bed is For Sleeping (& Having smoking hot sex)
If your bedroom is a multi purpose room it may be hard for you to switch from work to sleep. To help facilitate the switching of modes, only get into bed when you are tired, reserve it for sleep and sex, and limit the other non-sleep or sex activities.
If you feel the need to watch t.v, surf the net, and read from a comfortable chair, rather than in the bed.
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Using a Dream Catcher:
Dream Catchers are a Native American tradition, which defers from tribe to tribe. The most common belief is that dreams are sacred and filled with meanings pertaining to the life of the dreamer.  The tribes would have the dream catcher designed, and hung above their heads while they sleep.  The opening of the dream catcher allows dreams to enter and slide down the feathers, and the bad dreams would be caught in the web, which would keep it from damaging the necessary good dreams and messages.

If you are interested in making you own dream catcher here is a good article. I however got mine from a librarian who is Native American, and had her both make it for me, and show me how to repair it when necessary.

A good dream catcher will contain, feathers, crystals, beads attached throughout the hoop.

From using aromatherapy, to your choice of mattress, there are several different ways in which you can make your bedroom a restful place: I have used these tips to help combat my insomnia and they have helped mightily.

Keep it dark, get black-out shades or curtains if you can. Yes, they are a little expensive but totally worth it, because they really help to set the mood for a good nights sleep,  Can't afford them?? get some seriously heavy blinds or curtains. Still too high on the budget?? Several layers of curtains can help. Simple have one curtain on the rod, and another set on a higher rod over the frame of the window. You know like you see in those magazines, but instead of pretty useless valances you get actual useful curtains.

Reclaim your Bed Kick your children (if you have any) to the curb or at least to their own beds. Co-sleeping is great; even beneficial for children.... when they are younger, but when they are old enough return them to their own rooms so that you and your partner can unwind together. And PUT A LOCK ON THE DOOR, children should really only sleep with you, if they have a really bad nightmare, or during a thunderstorm. As cute as they are, they tend to dominate the bed when in it, and they certainly put the kibosh to any snuggling and sexy plans.

2) Attempt to separate your bed from the rest of the room or at least the other aspects of the room, (this is really for those who use their bedroom for more than one thing like an office space) No papers on the bed.

Right mattress, right bed  If you can please get a good mattress, no springs digging into your back will help you sleep better, you can also help to preserve your bed by turning it every six months; so the mattress 'wears down' at the same time, instead of only one side wearing out. If the support in the mattress, pillows or the bed frame is gone, they can't help you sleep.  Take the time to save if you have to replace them. It won't hurt as much if you have it set aside.

Fresh Air  Try to air the room out, even in the winter, just crack the window a little to help with the circulation of air. Just don't do this on a really cold day.

Temperature try to keep the temp at a moderate level. If it's too hot or too cold it will make it too uncomfortable to sleep. You can actually drop the temp a little lower at night so long as you have enough blankets to cover you.

Dream Pillow You can create dream pillows filled with aromatic herbs like lavender, and place small crystals to aide in instilling good dreams or even psychic dreams.

Happy Dreaming


  1. I agree with all of this! We splurged on a very very nice mattress (I call it "the cloud") and we do not have a television in the bedroom. Since I am at a certain age, I must have it cool in order to sleep without waking.

  2. I have felt this way since I can remember. Great post, thanks for sharing...I know many people who can benefit from this advice.

  3. I live in a New York City studio, so the sacred is all around. But even having such a small space, my sleeping area is surrounded by my favorite books, my altar is near the bed, I have to have a plant near, and some rocks to keep me grounded.


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