Thursday 24 March 2011

Updates and Progress

Hi my loves,
ohhh how I have missed you. It's March and already the month is almost over, and still I haven't had time to really sit down and do a proper post. i miss typing up a post and finding images to go with it, I miss seeing comments from those with similar outlooks and similar situations. I plain miss blogging (never thought I would say that). This is better than plain journaling, this helps you let go of your feelings and discover your not alone in them.

I have seen so many good posts from my phone (but for some reason am not able to post via phone, I tried it didn't go well). To several of my readers and fellow bloggers who have recently lost love ones, I am truly sorry for your loss. There are no words that will make your pain lighter, but know you are in my thoughts.

i am participating (Im making the time ) in the Welcoming the Green Man blog party on March 28th so do stop by and check out my post then.

I have so many posts, and ideas floating around my head, and as soon as this semester is over I will sharing them ALL with you, I have them all written down. I have been seriously enjoying my classes, and as with everything academic, hitting my grades out the ballpark.  So now that I know I'm in no real danger of failing out, I think I can now start taking 1 hour each day to update and share with ya'll.

Congrats to all the readers and bloggers whom I follow who have made major changes in their lives, by purchasing new homes (it's like a fever around here, very catching, oh come on!! I had to do one, you know you missed it). I can't wait to see all the new and improved altar spaces, and wonderful gardens and the bounties they will bring. Just waiting to hear ll about your new adventures on your properties (do share so I can live vicariously for now PLEASE).

Hope your Ostara was wonderful and looking forward to Spring break so I can really catch ya'll up.
Be Blessed and happy Spring


  1. Happy Spring Equinox to you too darling! And congrats on your Inspiring Pagan Award--you deserve it.

    WoooHooo! I welcomed The Wild God at Confessions of a Country Witch today; can't wait to see what you'll bring up the 28th. Also, my contribution comes with a little giveaway, which would be the perfect addition to your 2011 Erotic Reading Challenge.

    More also *grin* I want to invite you to participate on my Witches in Fiction blog party. And guess what? There will be more hot giveaways!


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