Thursday 20 October 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 20: Paranormal Telly Edition

Hey there readers

Did you get a chance to see the premiere of walking dead?? No not a fan of scary stuff?? Well then I have a show for you!!!How about a show about the Grimm Reaper that's funny as heck and no longer on the air, but if you sign up for a free month of netflix you can watch it... It's called Dead Like Me, 

why can't i seem to find these shows when they are on the air?? hmm maybe because I'm not much for following the crowd?? you say it's good, ha i will reserve the right to not watch it until i have no choice (sigh i swear I will change and grow people I will), it's like wow going off on a tangent, let's get back to the review shall we....
From the kick-ass intro song, and funny as heck opening scene, I was hooked, and such a potty mouth on such a pretty girl makes it even more hilarous cause you never see it coming and it's just too funny when she does it. can you imagine being dead and still have to have a job?? or pay bills? How unfair is that?? well why not watch and allow George Lass to tell you all about it!!!
The show apparently has a cult following which I can toatllly uncerstand heck I watched it in three days, including the follow-up movie, man this show is so good, I do hope they bring it back, which was the rumour surrounding the release of the movie so long after the show ended, but here's a preview for you.
Check out imdb for a great synopsis and background on the show. you can also check out the website that MGM has up for the series Sorry about the late post everyone, I seem to be fighting with blogger on what I wish my posts to look like, i hate the new formatting, and it apparently hates me as well. Samhain  Tip: The Celts counted their days from sundown to sundown, so Samhain actually runs from Sunday October 30th at sunset to sunset Monday October 31st. The real Witching hour will be midnight changing from Sunday to Monday not Monday to Tuesday November 1st which will be Dias de los muertos (Mexican Day of the Dead)  Enjoy the show, I know I most certainly did. Happy reaping!!!


  1. I loved Dead Like Me! What a great show. Have you started watching "Once Upon a Time"? I'm looking forward to Grimm, too.

    1. oh yes I am a Grimm fanatic, & ohh I just love Once upon a time, these seem like great stories!!! Can't wait to see how the series each unfold.


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