Thursday 27 October 2011

Paranormal Telly: The Gates

Sweet Goddess how is it I keep missing these awesome shows??? I'm in love i need to know what the heck happened, did Devon get away? Did the wolves and vamps go to war? What happens to the Gates community?? Holy Shyt this show is amazing. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about do you? 
Well there once was a show about a community filled with 'special' people, they hire a new police chief and this is the story from his families point of view. 
From the beginning we know Devon is a witch, we meet her mentor Dr.Peg, the residential vamps Claire and her hubbie Dylan, then of course we meet the young up and coming alpha males Brett and Lucas, as well as the pack Beta that is a fine slice of dark chocolate cake ..eehhhh *wipes drool, jerks back from fantasy land* em...em what i meant was, yeah I stand by what I said I would have pegged him as Alpha any day.

Yeah I know when you first see the show's commercials it seems like a Desperate Housewives with something supernatural going on, but when I first saw them it was how do i say homogenous and looked very non interesting, well Netflix showed me just how wrong i was to make that assumption. This show is actually amazing and I'm sad it's only one season, they should have done some better advertising and maybe it would have hung around. Now it's cancelled and I only can watch reruns and I'm left with hundreds of questions. Ahh well the one thing I have learned is that eventually all shows come back around maybe in a few years some awesome channel will pick it back up and a do a good job (but Im not holding my breathe on that one)

Well that's another show for the nights with nothing on
Be Blessed

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