Friday 11 May 2012

Feature & Follow Friday (4)

It's Friday again (OMG where did the week go) and as promised it's the Coupon Edition of Follow Friday.  I love using coupons and saving some cash at the register. I'm not the extreme couponer my bestie is, but I do know how to make those little itty bitty papers work for me.

Most of the strategy for using coupons I have, comes from the blog CouponMom. She shares with you how to match your coupons to the weekly sales flyers on your town, even how to get stuff for free!!!

I also spend time surfing the awesomeness that is The Krazy Coupon Lady, she has the most amazing ordered website.  From a beginner section, to a section for the pros, you can find EVERYTHING on here.

To get discounts and coupons from companies that normally don't provide them, like say Method or Seventh Generation, I have signed up on their pages to receive newsletters from them, most of the newsletters also come with the coupons.  There are also websites much like coupons that give discounts on vacations, events, movies, everything you can think of, starting here on Groupon, as well as Living Social, here in CT we have the Entertainment coupon book that costs about $15 (when you wait until it's almost two months into the new year), if you find it in your town, it will help you save some serious money, it's a regional book so it'll have coupons from your town & local dealerships.

Several of the companies that print the coupons in the newspaper also have a chance for you to print them online as well. Another method I have used is to email or write the companies themselves and let them know how much I love their product. I have written Shady Brook farms about their turkey and gotten .50 off coupon which worked out great because they were on sale at the time and our store did coupon doubling, so i ended up with some almost free turkey.

So there it is, almost all of the coupon blogs and methods that I have and use.  Have some awesome methods?? Please share in the comment section.

This week hasn't been the best for reading or any of the other challenges, I seem to be reverting. It was a full week of craziness and I didn't get all I wanted done, but hey it's only the beginning of the month. I still have three weeks to make this month awesome.  Here are the stats, so you can see for yourself:
What I have Read So Far:
Promises in Death by JD Robb **Review Link Below**
The Lucky Penny by Catherine Anderson **Review Pending**
What I'm Currently Reading: 
  • The Accidental Bride by Denise Hunter
  • Deadly Politics by Maggie Shefton
  • Dark Celebration by Christine Feehan
  • Change Comes to Dinner by Katherine Gusftarson

Recent Reviews Posted:
Well that's it for today. Happy reading, and coupon cutting my loves I will see you tomorrow.

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