Thursday 3 May 2012

Paranormal Telly: WitchBlade

Show: WitchBlade
Seasons: 2: 23 episodes
Run Time: 40 mins
Air Dates & Time: Cancelled
Reruns can be seen:  Youtube

Now this a show that had a lot of potential. Much like the Alex Archer series, except the lead is a cop not a archaeologist; she does however find the Witch Blade which in this story arc once belonged to Joan of Arc and many other powerful women in history.
The WitchBlade goes to a deserving user, which it will protect and give all manner of awesome powers to. It's funny to watch the show and realize how far technology has come since 2000-2001 which is when the show was filmed. A note to producers, native New Yorkers can tell when your not filming in NY so don't try to BS us that the character is a cop in NY. Okay??!?! Okay moving on, I personally enjoyed the show and was trying to understand the female lead and what made her the chosen for he blade, the many different people who interacted with her and wished to get their hands on the blade made the show interesting,. Even more interesting was her back story that was beginning to be revealed when the show was cancelled.
Hopefully someday soon they will take a stab at this again, my understanding was the lead was a bit of an alcoholic and was unreliable in her work ethics, which didn't help keep the show up and running smoothly. However you really couldn't tell on the show, it was pretty good!!

It's a check out if you don't have anything else lined up since it's been cancelled. I'm sure you can find it a more legitimate way, but I couldn't.

Happy Viewing


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