Tuesday 31 July 2012

Book Review: Erotica: Lord Atwood's Lovers

Book Title: Lord Atwood's Lovers (goodreads)
Author: Eva Clancy
Cost: $ 2.39 Ebook 
Pages: about 50 
How I got it: ARC from Netgalley 
My Rating:★★★★★

To the rest of the ton, Lord and Lady Atwood seem to have the perfect marriage. They wed for love and their marriage bed doesn't lack for passion--but Imogen is haunted by the memory of her first marriage...while Charles harbors secret thoughts and desires he's been unable to confess to his wife.

Then Charles's ex-lover, Alexander Lambert, arrives in town, throwing Charles into a tailspin--and awakening a surprising attraction in Imogen. Now, both have to face the possibility that they may need more than just each other to be truly complete....
My Review:

Wowzer!!!! This is a short and HOT and I do mean HOT read. The story starts with the lovers Mr & Mrs Atwood and their clear love for each other, there is a sensual and smokey sex scene between them, including Lord Atwood's fantasy on-top of it and wooo!!

Then of course we get to the real good stuff with the couple and Alex*fans self*.  In less than fifty pages you get an amazingly sensual and fun read.  The author doesn't try to make it about more than what it is, a love triangle that goes ohh so right.  The fact that they were lovers before makes it even more and just a quickie and lend the ending some credibility.

My only complaint was in the beginning scene between husband and wife, she used the term 'slut' which jerked me out of the mood of the story. It's a personal dislike for that word and it's connotations, I wish it hadn't been included especially in that scene. Otherwise this story was great!!

It's a brief and steamy read, I highly suggest it.!!
Happy Reading my loves

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