Saturday 28 July 2012

Sacred Pampering Ritual: Personal Trainer

Yeah Yeah I know I know I haven't done one of these in forever, you want to know why?? Because I haven't done one of these for myself in FOREVER. can't share with you what i don't do, I mean I guess I could but then i wouldn't be authentic would I??  Anyway...
Guess what?? I signed up with a personal trainer *actually it's an old boyfriend (not that kind just a friend) who owns his own gym so he's doing me a favor*.  He's promised to kick my ass into shape no matter what, I have seen his clients I know he can do it. I'm going to be her (down below) as soon as he gets his hands on me, *crying in my water*,
How is this a part of Pampering yourself?? Well, taking care of your physical health matters just as much as the mental health stuff.  Most of the things I have shared before help to relax you and bring into a state of peace. For me * I used to be a gymnast and a track and field runner * for a long time exercising; the flex and stretching of muscle helped to calm me to bring my mind into focus, to help clarify a lot of things and helped me to learn a few things about myself. That space was an awesome space to be in, it allowed me a greater sense of peace than anything else I have tried since.  I need to get into better shape, not for anyone else but for me. and that is part of pampering myself.
Walking, running, yoga, belly dancing, these things help to connect us to our bodies, to clear our minds, sync up our systems and allow a rush of hormones that help to give us a natural high, not to mention the other benefits including higher sex drive *as a Scorpio I really don't need anymore hype but I'll take it*;lowered blood pressure and lower cholesterol, and increase in hormones which can help to regulate your emotional health as well as lower instances of depressive moods. A better body image helps to  life your mood as well. Look I'm not saying we should all try to be stick thin, but knowing you can run a mile or hell, just walk up the stairs without passing the hell out is the goal for some. For me It's the desire to once again tumble without the fear that I'm going to suffocate when my breasts follow the flow of gravity; I want to once again be in control of my body and have fun in it, not avoid the mirror because the image i have of myself and what's reflected no longer match up.

So that's you challenge my loves, confront your body image ideas, what is it that you consider sexy and healthy, what is the best weight for your body type if that seems too wrong, what would you consider you best health goal weight and shoot for that.  I will leave you with this video, share in the comments your thoughts ideas, and what have yous. And I will catch up with you later.

Walk in Light and Love always


  1. Good for you that you're taking the fitness route on. I have a personal trainer too and while I really can't stand exercising I hate not helping my body and mind even more. I'm looking forward to hearing how your journey goes.

  2. love that By the Broomstick Button! I need to do more yoga.


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