Wednesday 24 October 2012

31 Days of Samhain: Day 24: Scrying Mirror:

Well it's another day into October and even though i haven't quite made my home the way I wanted to I have gotten quite a bit done this month.  This idea is for something I once made many years ago, when I first came into the craft I made one of these and then promptly forgot about it, then my Mom "cleaned" out my pagan items this was one of the first ones to go.  Since then I haven't really needed it, but now I have advanced enough in my craft to not only want one & also need one.
I went back and found Silver's guide to creating the scrying mirror, then got Flora's visual and her info about using the mirros & I thought I would share with you here. As well as my images of making my newest mirror.
Here is what I have been doing:
  • Small mirror
  • black paint
  • small sponge brush
  • newspaper to catch any spills
  • yarn to be used to make a holder or bag
  • frame to put it on (optional)
Directions: **Takes about two hours to paint & allow to dry.**

Make sure to clean the mirror before you start. I used a vinegar and water mix then prayed over the mirror before starting.
  • Layer paint and allow to dry between each layer.  What I did was allow it to dry then paint in the opposite direction so that no site of the actual mirror was left.

  • You can meditate and concentrate on the purpose of the new mirror, 
  • Once dry you can mount onto a wooden block, using either wood glue, or a glue gun.

I am going to crochet the bag later to hold the scry mirror, the white yarn is to protect the mirror itself and the black is to reflect any negative vibes away.
I am going to also do a blessing before I use it on Samhain.  When I made my first scry mirror as I painted it, I said a prayer as I added each layer, it was a pretty powerful mirror, even if it only got a few uses before it was destroyed.  

One of the things I have done differently as well is to cleanse it and keep it on the altar so that the Goddess and God know it's a new tool and will help keep it from being used in adverse way.  You can wash it with moon water or solar water depending on the energies you want the mirror to have.

Happy Scrying & Be Blessed


  1. I've never been able to use a scrying mirror so I'm really excited to hear how yours is used and what you've seen if you want to share.

  2. I was working on mine this afternoon -- and ended up spraying myself in the face with the paint. Good thing I wore safety glasses. I'll have to blog about my adventures with making this mirror.


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