Tuesday 2 April 2013

Book Review: How to Sell Your Crafts Online

Book Title: How To Sell Your Crafts Online
Author: Derrick Sutton | Author's Website | Author's Twitter
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Format: Paperback
Cost: $21.99
Pages: 206
How I Got It: Borrowed From the Library
My Rating:★★★★☆
With over 400,000 sellers on Etsy, how can you make YOUR shop stand out and increase your sales? This is a key question for many crafters and artists who are selling online these days. Now here are all the answers and much more from author and Etsy seller Derrick Sutton. Based on his self-published guide, and drawn from his practical experience, you will learn how to boost your Etsy sales, attract more customers, and expand your online presence. Derrick shares his proven online sales and marketing knowledge in an easily accessible format, complete with simple actions steps at the end of each chapter. Learn how to completely optimize your Etsy shop, website, or blog, and much more.

My Review:
My sister is a businesswoman and she has been pushing me to make my scarves and sell them for years now. Before I jumped into the fray I decided I needed to know more.  This book is great for those who have never used Etsy before and wanted to know how to use the craft site and promote your products without going to a website developer.

I have personally played around with Etsy for a little while. I was once going to start selling my crochet crafts but decided to focus on finishing school first. Maybe one day I will go into selling my stuff online and because of this book I will be well versed in how to get it done and done well.

The books is very easily laid out. The author is well informed and makes using Etsy extremely easy. The author shared so many great tips on how to maximize your viewership & search ability as well as your optimization of your website. Along with how to link and share with others your site, how to get your name out there, how to add other features onto the site and even how to make your pictures of your products look great.  I especially liked learning how to use the stats section of the website, so you know who is viewing & what they are looking at, which helps with product productions and sales.  I also especially loved learning more about apps I already use but haven't completely taken full advantage of for instance Google's Document Section.  This gave me tons of ideas for regular use, not just for the suggested options in the book.

Everything you need to know to START an Etsy is in this book, but for more detailed business aspect information you will have to look at other books, the author does give some great resources wit the book on finding more information and how to expand your brand. But of course no one book can give you everything.

I would highly recommend this book for those looking to jump into Etsy, as it's specific to Etsy but it's also great for those who need some information on selling crafts online.  It's a crafter's resource, especially because it's set up artistically as well. Many of his suggestions are great for us bloggers as well. So when you see changes around here, you know where some of it is coming from.

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  1. Magaly Guerrero18 April 2013 at 06:30

    This sounds like a wonderful book to start with, especially for someone like me who has never done anything of the sort.


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