Wednesday 24 April 2013

KWW:Which Witch is Which??

Welcome back to another instalment in the Kitchen Witch Wednesday series.

A few weeks ago, I asked what you considered to be a kitchen witch. This was prompted by an article I read which pointed out that having recipes on your blog doesn't make you a kitchen witch (Source).  Personally, I believe it does make you a kitchen witch simply because your making magic in your kitchen with basic ingredients, it's not easy and not everyone can cook. Heck some people can burn water, ask me how I know.

I made it my mission to seek out some ideas about kitchen witchin, and have discovered that just about everyone agrees, each witch forges his/her own path when it comes to this tradition.  According to Scott Cunningham's Wicca in the Kitchen,
We must eat to live. Similarly, we must take control of our 
lives to be truly happy. The tools for doing just this are in your 
cupboards, in your refrigerator, and on your kitchen table. 
Turn the page, and discover the magic that awaits! 
You can add in some hoodoo, to hex someone, to keep your partner, to drive away someone.  You can heal with food, bring people together. Food and 'breaking bread' together makes for some powerful magic. There is a reason some cliches have stayed around, especially say for Valentine's Day, what do we know of it here in America?? Good Food, lots of chocolate, wine & roses = Your partner being willing to try all kinds of tricks best left for the more limber.  We are taught as young women that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" * at least that's what my Grandmere said* In just about every commercial now they equate food with sex & love.

I believe that when this was started it was a way for us to share OUR version of Kitchen Witchery, for everyone has their own personal brand of what makes them happy.  I may not share all the hoodoo/witchy tricks I have in the kitchen that others may perform, but then again aren't you supposed to keep some of your spells to yourself???

Anyhoo, my intention when doing my kitchen witchin is to share as much fun crafts, recipes, altar pictures, homemaking as possible. It is my hope that these are the things you wish to see.  If there are other things you wish to see and view please share in the comment box and I will endeavour to share what I can.

I did like her ideas on how to learn your kitchen better, getting down and dirty with the herbs sounds like fun.  Sometimes I just throw herbs into the pot just to see what comes out. As my Grandmere says "It's not the food that comes out the pot, it's the love that goes in, that's what makes a good meal"

What do you think my loves, am I right or was the article correct?? What does a kitchen Witch mean to you?? And go...

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