Wednesday 5 June 2013

Bear With Me through these Changes:

Hi My loves

long time no post. Well life has done it's best to kick my ass the past few months so the few posts you have seen have been so scattered and crazy.  I'm back now more and will be doing better blogging I swear.  One of the changes taking place on the blog will be the transitioning of all book reviews from the blog to my new book blog Bewitching Bibliophile.

There are several reasons for the move of the book reviews, one of them being this blog was originally created as a safe place to vent about being a pagan woman in America, and I kind of let it slip away from that, for my loyal readers who simply skipped those posts thank you for still reading and coming back every day,  for my new readers who are here only for the book reviews, I will post on Tuesdays the link to every new review on the second blog, just click and swing on over to that one.

Pardon the dust on both blogs and I tweak and play with the design of the blogs, I will be attempting to keep them simple and easy to navigate.

Thank You my loves for bearing with me while my posts have kind of dried up, I have then written I just haven't had the time or true desire to sit down and post and interact I will share more on that later. 

Make sure to swing on over to the new blog for reviews, books and movie recommendations, of course all from the pagan perspective.!!

Have a blessed day

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