Wednesday 20 January 2010

Health Update

So i measured and weighed myself today, man was i kinda shocked at the numbers on the scale cause i dont keep one in the home. I weigh 232 lbs and im 5ft 3in so i now have a goal number in mind, i never really cared about the numbers on the scale (hence not having a scale) but now its time to get serious about getting back into shape and being healthy, Im not trying to become 100 lbs (that so wouldnt look right on me) but i want to be at a health weight and a managable weight.

I have lupus and i need tp get back into shape so that i can manage my medicine better.

But now that i have a starting point i know that i have to get serious and put some goals up. Realistic goals, So here we go: by my 30th birthday which is in two years i will have lost the excess weight and be in shape better than ever before. So i have two years to lose the excess weight in a healthy manner so that i'll be less likely to gain it back & you guys are going to help.

Ill share my menus and meal planning and food habits and intake and ill also share whats new on the exercise front

Yay goals to reach for

thanks for stopping by and reading

Blessed Be


  1. Just found your blog! Scales are evil...LOL. But seriously, many blessings and success to you. I am on the same journey.

  2. sweet Hey welcome to my blog thanks so much for commenting.


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