Tuesday 19 January 2010

Today's Dinner

Today i had a double chocolate chip muffin, and lentil stew i made today. I love it this stew is amazing!!! im super excited i got my new datebook today,a 10.99 book for 4.00 Im so excited!1 (its truly the little things) then i had just before i went to bed a chocolate chip muffin i need to find alternatives to snacking so late at night and find some better muffin recipes because these are soooo bad for you but man do they taste amazing

I also made two new crochet blocks today, yellow and white where the colors im finding so many patterns online that i want to try so im going to try them and make a blacnket with all the sampler blocks im trying out. Its a great way to use up all the excess small yarns i have in my stash!!!

Well thats enough for now

thanks for stopping by and reading

Blessed Be

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