Monday 18 January 2010

Today's Dinner:

today i had beef potroast, with califlower & rice & peas. It was amazing.

On projects: I'm almost done with the row of blocks of pink and green now i just have to stitch and block it all. Im thinking i should block it seperatly so that its easier that attempting to block a whole blanket, plus to tell the truth i just dont have all that work space to lay out a 120 block blanket and these arent little blocks either,

On other fronts im really loving crocheting and am enjoying that it takes less than a third of the time for doing a crochet block than a knitted block.

I got a ton of new books from the library about quilting and am enjoying reading and learning how to do this thing, its going to be fun i can wait to get my other projects done so i can start going through all the excess fabric i have and start making some quilts (yay)

Im a crafter at heart and im feeling the juices flowing; all these new things i can make that i was too chicken shyt to try before now i just no longer care i NEED to try them otherwise Ill be stiffling myself.

well enough about me for today, thanks for stopping by and reading

Blessed Be

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