Sunday 25 April 2010

A curious thing happened on the way to the Kitchen...

Hey ya'll
I test tried one of the new veggie meals that i have made a decision to try and OMG its the greatest meal ever. I truly enjoyed it, I mean i should have known it would be great it was a clean eating veggie meal. (no i dont work for them) but i must say they do know what they are talking about when they tell you to follow these meal plans want to guess why?? Ok i can't hold back much longer: I HAVE LOST WEIGHT.

Now i know many of you (hahaha thats a joke but im writing for future audiences not just you internet) are wondering why would i try something that i didn't think would work. See the difference is Clean Eating isn't just a diet its a lifestyle choice, its me making the decision to actually take charge of one of the few things we as humans actually are in charge of : our health.

Now if i haven't said it before let me explain i have tried the clean eating diet before and lost a lot of weight BUT I never maintained the lifestyle that was needed I like most people went back to eating at all hours of the day and I quit working out and just got real REALLY lazy. I have Lupus and i need to maintain a healthy weight, but sometimes life gets in the way and you stop taking care of the "little" things.  So I'm back taking care of myself and my health, which i have to admit have led to some great experiments in the kitchen. I'll continue to share the really great meals i have just as soon as these three weeks are up i;; be making more vids & posting more. But for now just know that im upping the ante on this blog and ill let you know whats going on soon.

Oh and the total weight i have lost; 10 lbs
Old weight :230
New weight 220

goal weight: whatever healthy for a five three woman is ( i don't care really about numbers on a scale just as long as im healthy --well as heatlhy as one can be with a chronic disease)

the really great part for me was on Thursday i got out of a meeting early and had ten minutes to make the train (its a ten-15 min walk) i made it with two minutes to spare and man did it feel good to be able to push myself and make it. I realized though that didn't just want to almost make it next time i wanted to be able to know that i could run it without having a heart attack (ok highly unlikely at my age but you know what i mean).

thanks for stopping by and reading

Love and Light always
Blessed be

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