Saturday 15 May 2010

ahhh the bucket list...

ahh the bucket list .... 

......every good girl plans and bad girls well they fly by the seat of their pants...sometimes literally.  

What is a bucket list you ask?  Well i'm glad you asked !! It is quite simply the list each of us has of things we wish to do, see, taste, touch, and experience before we punch our tickets for the final ride to the "big house". 

For me well..... I have two lists, one that i can show my parents (the good girl list) and then there is the list that no one but me has had the privilege of seeing, lets call it..... the Not so good girl list.  They both contain all the things that i to enjoy before this body and life go to pot... 

 Im not waiting until i retirement either... I mean where is the fun in that? No!!! now is the time to get all done before i get burdened down the "responsibilities of being an adult" as my mother loves to say.

So whats on the bucket list???
 Well readers i think it would be easier to ask what isn't? I want to taste feel, touch see it all and man am i going to have fun doing so. 

So this site will be my journal of my experiences and whats happening, and of course as a visual reminder to myself that Yes Ladies and Gents i have done it and now on to the next one.......

So here's to my pagan adventures and all those witchy dreams

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