Thursday 27 May 2010

West stands for Water

For every full moon i try to do something new and incorporate the sense of creativity that the full moon encompasses. 
So for the last few days leading up to the full moon i have been searching for something new to try, and decided to make physical symbols of the four cardinal points in the circle, 

Last nite i made water as the first symbol. as if the universe was attempting to help me understand it poured like crazy after a day of really high temps for our area, the lighting storm was amazing to watch and become apart of, the energy was so amazing, it only rained for a few minutes so i wasn't able to get lighting water but i got great video and got to feel the rain and watch the amazing display of the storm.  West and water are the emotion and intuition section of the circle. so connecting emotionally to the storm goes right along with doing this.

So here is the pattern for the starfish water symbol:
Begin with sliding loop or if you can't do that you can: chain 2 and sc in the second chain 

1) Ch 1 10 sc in ring, join with slip st to first sc (10 sts)
2) Ch 1, 2 sc in same stitch, 2 sc in sc around with slip st to first sc
3) *Ch , sc in thrid chain from hook, hdc in net ch, dc in next 2 ch, tr in next ch, skip 3 sc, slip st to nect sc; repeat from * four more times, ending last repeat slip st to bas of first chain. (five points made) Fasten off
4) holding star point to front, join yarn in center sc of any 3 skipped sc from round 2, ch 1 sc in same sc * ch5, sc in ch2 space a tip of corresponding point, ch 5, sc in same round 2 sc**, ch 4, sc behind star point in center sc of next 3 skipped sc, repeat from * around, ending last repeat at **ch 2 join with hdc in first sc.
5)*5dc in next ch-5 space, (tr, ch 4, tr) in next sc, 5 dc in next ch-5 space, sc in next ch-4 space, repeat  from * around ending with last sc in beginning space, join with slip st to round-4 dc joining stitch.
6) Ch-1 *sc in next 6 stitches (hdc, ch1, dc,ch3,dc,ch1, hdc) in ch4 space sc in next 6 stitches, skip 1 sc; repeat from * around, join to first sc. Fasten off

Happy crafting everyone

Blessed be
love and light always

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