Saturday 22 May 2010

Plans galore

With summer fast approaching Im sure many of you like I am planning what is going to happen over the next twelve delicious weeks. Summer fun, relaxing and the beach (ahh the days ahead are looking so good!!!)

Well my game plan is to get to know my state better, I mean i know my town and the towns nearest me but there is so much more here.
 So much history this is New England after all.

 In that light i went to the library and borrowed several books about the New England area and my state in particular, i will list all the fun stuff im going to be doing just as soon as i decide, i do know that i am taking my sister to Niagara Falls as soon as she graduates high school in two more weeks then to Philly to see the Liberty Bell and eat a real philliy cheesesteak maybe even go see the Amish and who knows what other kinds of trouble we can get into. .

Whatever we do im sure it will be fun just cause it will be Summer

Either way safe flying !!!!

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