Sunday 25 July 2010

Bread Success & Failures

Bagels and Pita bread

So I spent the weekend attempting to make bread and learning new recipes to add to the repertoire. But as with all experiments they are successes and sometimes Epic Failures.

My flat bread attempt was an EPIC failure, I think because the yeast didn't properly rise, but either way it was a failure.

The bagels were an amazing success, my family really loved it!!! They ate them all, we had a few friends over so they went fast.

I loved making them because they were so easy and you know all the ingredients included and know just how clean the place is that made them (because I always wonder when I go out how clean is the place really, I know Don't. Look. At. Me That.Way. I'm a germaphobe and I freely admit it)

Well since I have shared all my info about my failures and success please share yours with me.

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