Thursday 29 July 2010

What is Wild Crafting?

What is wild crafting you ask?

Well good student... its the fine art of foraging for herbs, fruits, and edible products from the local wild areas around you. It entails learning about your local plants and becoming familiar with them. For many people all they see is green and a few flowers when they look at the local woods or state park. But there are many edible plants hiding in plain sight, many which we walk by thinking they are just weeds.

Recently I was inspired to go into the two local trails near me, and I brought along books about the local fauna and took tons of pictures and attempted to identify as many as i could. So I'll share those with you now ( of course NEVER EVER use something your not sure about, you can take the things to the local Arbor or plant shop and get them to help you)

Japanese Honeysuckle

Wild Rose:



Artemisia Mugwort

So now that I have shown you mine why dont't you go out and take pictures of yours.   Remember be safe!!! And as always thanks for stopping by and reading ,

Love and Light Always

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