Friday 18 February 2011

It's that time again

There are a new crop of babies coming this spring, and so many different gifts to make.  Here is one of the blankets I have made for one of the only little boys in the whole group.
 The Mom's theme of course is green and brown and so I made a blanket to go with it. The pattern is called the Circle of Life pattern, by Smoothfox, I have talked about her a lot because I test patterns for her pretty often.You can purchase the pattern on her etsy store for a small fee.
 Check out my ravelry page as well, if your on there link to me, so we can be friends.
Hope you liked the view of my blanket, Have any projects your working on? I'm actually working on a project now also by Smoothfox for my best friend's daughter who was born last year
Why not share about it in the comments section.
Be Blessed, Be Loved


  1. ~i absolutely adore this blanket and the name is simply perfect!!! many unfinished projects that really it is not funny!!! thank you for sharing a glimpse of your magical talent...much love light and blessings~

  2. Love the blanket, I'm currently trying to decide what to make next, I have created several blankets, and even beds for my animals (cats, dogs ferrets) so on. I'm thinking of doing a doll but just not sure yet. Thanks for sharing this!


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