Tuesday 15 February 2011

Book Review

Hunger of the Wolf by Madeline Montague
Dante's pack is hunting the rogue who keeps challenging him by trespassing on his territory. While going after his challenger Dante' notices the focus of the challenger, a woman who smells really delicious, and he goes after him, and discovers that even though she looks fragile, this human packs quite a punch"

if your going to purchase it would be better to get it from New Concepts Publishing, which has both the ebook and the paperback book.
This story is actually pretty good, it was one of the first i read from her, and I love it. Dante is struggling to hold onto his cool, until he learns that he is allowed to court Annemarie, and then all bets are off. Annemarie is so used to relying on herself that she doesn't take well to the concept of being helped out by Dante's pack. On the run from rogue weres and the government she has done her best to never form attachments.  When she realizes she could bring harm to the pack, she takes off for parts unknown. You already know I'm going to say I love her because she is one cool customer, she is actually telekinetic and this is what draws the wolves to her. She has stayed many steps ahead of the government, and that takes courage, and strong will. I enjoyed the story and the sex scenes were pretty hot.

"An elite military team is sent on what they think is a routine clean up mission. While there the men become infected with a parasite. Now they are on the run from the government they once worked for. "

Now this is a story and a half. Let's see it's got hot military men (check), werewolves (check), serious danger (check) and a slightly loony female character (ahh I guess check). I enjoyed this story as well. the female lead was ever so slightly on the ditsy side and well couldn't survive without the men, but then again she wouldn't be in any trouble without the men, so I guess it balances out. She sometimes annoyed me because she was so hung up on her age, but then again now I'm hitting that 'time' I'm beginning to understand, other than that she was a pretty good character. My one wish was that the male lead would share more with her instead of deciding what's good for everyone (then I snap back to reality, to be in the Military elite system you have to learn to keep your own counsel so yeah I get why he does it, doesn't mean I don't wish he would learn to share more though)

This book was different from Ms Montague's other Wolfen books in the fact that the men weren't born this way, and it's a pretty awesome journey to watch them learn to accept their gifts and even embrace them. The sex scenes are pretty freaking hot, and things move fast in this book, everything can be felt, I could almost smell the jungle air. This one is one of my favorites to re-read (pretty damn often if I am confessing everything). Definitely check this out on the page and get a sweet sneak peak before you purchase.
Alpha’s mate Leah Brooke
"Lacey Roberts is on the run, and she decides to make one last trip to see her Godmother. Lars, Damien,Wes, and Seth are half brothers there to visit their Grandmother when they realize that Lacey is their mate.  They were seperated as children and brought up to hate each other, and now they have to share a mate"

This is a really good book. The brothers having to learn to get along, Lacey's decision to leave them, puts them on the same side and made them fight to keep her there. Lacey is the kind of modern woman, she has made her decisions and nothing is going to stop her from meeting her goal. She's doing this to make a chance for her friends, and she slowly learns to let her mates in and accept their help. It's a long road to melding their lives together 

It's a journey and they work really hard at making their relationship work, and I love the situations that happen that force them to learn and grow. Definitely get this one. I loved Siren publishing, and the books they sell are pretty good..

These are the ones I have read so far, for the challenge
Enjoy the books, my loves
Blessed Be

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