Monday 21 February 2011

Sooo... about that

I'm not relaxing Im studying

I was trying my best not to fall back on not doing any posts, (I'm knocking this one out during a study break), but it's beginning to look like I might not be able to do the blog, my vlog channel and study/keep up with my class.

I feel pretty bad because I have so many really great ideas, just no time, Classes are everyday (it's an accelerated course) and I have a full course load so that I can finish this program in 12 months.

There are a lot of books, articles, and such to read, and I can't really read for pleasure anymore (although I have been trying). This week along I have five exams (literally one everyday), the course is attempting to front-load all the work we need up front so that the last few months are all clinicals.  My next break isn't until mid March (ahhh i know just crazy) but I am super excited to be working on my dream, and slowly but surely getting there.

I have made up my game plan for the next five years (as long as the world doesn't end on 12/21/12) and I am so on track right now and just bursting at the seams to share but I want to wait until this semester is in the bag and no possibilities for my plans to become FUBAR (f**ked up beyond all recognition, it's military speak)

I have been sneaking in some religious study time (especially on the train or bus) but  it's not always guaranteed. One good thing about this? i have to be up pretty early in the morning so I get to see and appreciate every sunrise, including the ones when the ice storm happened that made all the trees like crystals. I have also been really good with my yoga and walking(especially up the hill near school so I can catch the bus).

I hope all your plans, made on Yule, and your resolutions made on Samhain are growing and beginning to bloom with Ostara's energy cause I know mine are.

See you when I see you
Be Blessed


  1. Just reading your schedule....makes me want to nap! Wow, I want to harness your energy and heat my house with it ; )

  2. lol how do you think I feel?? thanks for commenting and stopping by.


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