Friday 22 April 2011

Happy Day

On the Christian calender today is Good Friday, one of, if not the Holiest Day for Christians. Today also happens to be Earth Day. One of, if not the biggest day for environmentalists, because today everyone does something to be green, even if they normally don't do anything else all year. Many companies stress today as a big day, news channels cover more "green" ideas today, and it's all over the internet, just check out Google's homepage, or even Yahoo, they are all green today.

Yahoo green a great little homepage has some great ideas on how anyone can help the environment without going crazy.

I love this song by Circle of Women called "Earth My Body", I think this fits perfectly in with today, don't you??

What are you doing to celebrate Earth day today??  Today I'm going to be doing this:
Happy Earth Day


  1. Happy Earth Day, my dear! I woke up early; walked outside barefoot, and then got down and kiss The Lady. My Piano Man and I also gathered plastic bottles people (without manners or common sense) litter all around the park by our house. The Mother is a little cloudy around here, but I would be too if my children treated me the way Hers do.

    P.S. I had totally forgotten today was Friday lol

  2. sounds like you had a good morning. it'c cloudy over here too, Let's hope people are waking up to the need to take care of Her and maybe soon She won't have to be cloudy all the time

    I like you idea of cleaning up your neighborhood, I'm thinking of buying one of those sticks that they use to pick up trash so when i go into the woods I can bring it with me.


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