Thursday 28 April 2011

What the Hell is the World Coming to??? Rant

****Advance Warning: Although I usually attempt to make my point without cursing, today?? I'm too pissed to take that into account, so Sorry for the cursing if you don't like that kind of thing otherwise Read On*

Recently here in Connecticut the news channels brought us the story of a homeless woman who was facing up to 20 years in jail and $15,000 in fines. Want to know her crime???  Did she sell drugs?? Was she a prostitute?? No ladies and gents She had the audacity to send her child to school. Yes ladies and gents you read that right as a HOMELESS woman she had no formal address, so she used the address of the babysitter, whom takes care of her child. Again let me repeat in case you haven't heard this part she's HOMELESS, and she is facing up to 20 years in JAIL because her last known address was in Bridgeport and the school was in Norwalk.

Are you f**king kidding me??? Is this what we have come to ?? Sending a woman to jail because she used someone's address?? It's not like she lived in Bridgeport, she lives the hell out of her car, and her child is SIX (6), where in the world is education for FOUR count them four months worth $15,000, in a PUBLIC school??????  If the school's education is worth that much, why shouldn't she send her child there when the Bridgeport school system is shot to hell and back?? Magnet schools don't even admit kids anymore, and charter schools are full. Where is the common sense the Gods gave these prosecutors, to say OK, maybe 20 years is extreme. If that's the case I'm calling Trumbull town to let them know my neighbors sent all 3 of their kids to Trumbull high and we are zoned as Fairfield/Easton (upper class neighborhoods, and YET Trumbull school system is considered WAY better).
I know I know it's wrong to lie about your permanent address, so maybe she should have listed the street she parked her car on. Maybe then she would have qualified. Oh what's that we know she used the Norwalk shelters, but she never signed a piece of paper saying she was staying here, so she doesn't qualify. WTF???

She's attempting to sue since this is a form of discrimination, meanwhile the town is attempting to settle that quietly. Her criminal charges came back yesterday, saying yes to 20 years. Hopefully some Judge with common sense will look at it and tell the prosecutor to sit the hell down and give her community service or something TWENTY years??? As a homeless woman??

Then what happens to the child? He becomes a ward of the state and then you'll really have to pay out money to take care of him. Considering how overwhelmed our state and federal children's "help" system is, do we really need to unnecessarily throw children in there?? Yes there are good foster mothers and fathers, unfortunately there are more people in it for the money than to really take care of kids. And let's not even discuss how much more black and latino kids age out of the foster system than get adopted. He's six (6) years old, this is going to scare him, every time he thinks of school he's going to remember this. Is this the kind of system we want to set up?? Where our kids don't go to school. I mean our schools are f**ked up beyond repair, with overburdened classrooms, teachers who are overwhelmed with extreme expectations and NO HELP WHAT-SO-EVER. Personally I think we need to scrap the current system and start the hell over, but seriously, why are we turning kids away from school so early???

 I can't stand when people act stupid, yes she should have registered at the shelters in Norwalk, the most they should have done was put the kid out, but to attempt to recruit $15,000 from a woman who clearly doesn't have that kind of money, and then send her to jail, smacks of attempting to make an example of her, and just carries a weft of racism.

Loved this suggestion someone had on the FB page
The Norwalk Schools received federal funds based on her sons registration & daily attendance. Unless they plan to prorate & return the unused portion of those federal funds back to the federal government, they are now involved in fraud & misappropriation of federal dollars and libel for criminal prosecution on the federal level. Turn the tables back on them press for prosecution.
Do you think this is a crock of shyt and wish to protest then sign the Petition.  You can even check out the Ct Parent's  Union which is protesting this charge here on Facebook

What do you think guys?? Am I just being over analytical?? Should she face up to 20 years?? Considering a woman in Ohio did the same thing and got 10 days in jail and 3 years probation?? Leave it in the comments

Be Blessed

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  1. That is just wrong...I don't get it - 20 years for being homeless but making sure your kid is well educated?? She may as well have killed someone FFS...
    Instead of putting her away why can't the authorities make sure she has somewhere for her and her son to stay?
    The real crime here is the "so called" judicial system...Makes me ashamed to be a human sometimes!!


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