Monday 18 April 2011

I am Officially on Vacation

OMG it feels so good this is the first morning in a long time that I woke up past sunrise. I wasn’t rushing anywhere, I wasn’t freaking out that I needed to be somewhere, I just woke up and took my time. It feels so good.

So You must be wondering what the hell kind of program I must be doing, well I’m in the healthcare field and I ‘m in a program that will help expand my ability to work, I will be able to move around more with this new degree, and even though I know I have it abit in the bag, I’m still going to hold back on telling what it is. I still don’t want to tempt the Gods into coming after me.

So this weekend I took on a project of rearranging my room, inventorying ALL my books,and I mean ALL my books. It's been fun to see just how well my memory is holding up of what books I do own, and who has borrowed what. I have a ton of books, and inventorying them is proving to be a huge job, so i have begun to break them up by shelves and catalog them that way. (above is just one pile I brought downstairs with me)

I have also recently joined a group called Just click on the link to Join It's Free, you put up 10 or 20 books you wish to trade and they give you 2 free points. You use the points to trade for books, and the person mailing it to you pays for postage, and that's it. Boom you have a new book at no cost to you, each time someone requests your book and you mail it, they then say they received it you get a point. I'm in love with this stie, I get new books in the mail without anything coming out of the budget. How sweet is that!?!?!?!?  (To be fair I must let you know if you click on the link and sign up I also receive a point for referring you).
I am super pumped about the Royal Wedding coming up, my Mother watched Princess Di's wedding to Prince Charles in the 1980s (I was born that November, so I wasn't around for that one), Her mother was one of the many to witness Queen Elizabeth's coronation in 1953. I know it sounds weird, but I'm from a commonwealth country and this to me is a huge huge event. Yes I know there are many anti-Monarchists running around threatening to ruin the big day, but you know what I'm excited. I remember being a child and having a huge crush on Prince Will when he was also my age (ok a little younger by nine months) and this to me is like one of my friends getting married. I loved the video that went viral and then got picked up by T-mobile.

I'm also pumped that Princess Grace's son Prince Albert will also be getting married this year, in June  to Charlene Wittstock a South African former Olympic swimmer.  And although Prince Albert isn't having the same amount of press I'm also excited about this one just because I love Princess Grace, and the glamour  of Monaco.

I have also begun to play catch-up on ALL my shows. I'm pumped to see all the good storylines like on House, Army Wives, and How I met your mother. i'm even pumped about Gossip Girl today (yes, it's my guilty pleasure so Don't. Judge. Me).

I've been browsing the Coming Soon section of Yahoo movies and can't wait to see:
1) Jumping the Broom (a TD Jakes movie)
2) Madea's Big Happy family (anything Madea is hilarous to me)
3) Something borrowed (I love Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson--so much like her Mom, very funny)
4) When Harry tries to Marry (its a Bollywood film, and the theater in my town always screens these so I'm super pumped)
5)Pirates of the Caribbean (it's Johnny Depp what more is there ot say??)
6)and yes Prom I know I know but it looks hilarious, my sister gets us tickets that I don't have to pay for so this one i will see just cause it's free.
7) and of course The Hangover 2
and we all Know HARRY POTTER without a doubt we will be watching the midnight preview and like last year, my sister and her friends are going all dressed up as their favorite characters.

I'm also pumped about Beltaine, are you?? What are your plans??
So that's me for this weekend and today what are you doing and what are you looking forward to???
Be Blessed


  1. Hey! Welcome back :) Sounds like you are very much in need of a vacation, but it wore me out reading about all the plans and catching you are going to be doing WHILE you are on vacation. hahahaha at least its all fun and relaxing stuff tho right?? lol

  2. @MidnightSage Im beginning to think I don't know the word relax, but this where i am happy surrounded by books, and family and friends,this week is as busy as any other, but i get to do it on my own time. LOL and it's such a hard job watching all these movies but someone has to do it


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