Tuesday 20 September 2011

Book Review: Diamond Bay

Book Title: Diamond Bay
Author:  Linda Howard
Publisher: Mira
Pages: 218
Cost; $ 0
How I Got it: Library

Any hopes Kell Sabin has about taking a month’s vacation from work vanish the minute several of Kell’s “business associates” try to kill him. Although he manages to escape with just a bullet hole or two, he wouldn’t have survived if Rachel Jones hadn’t found him when he washed ashore not far from her cottage on Diamond Bay. Because her previous career as an investigative journalist taught her that things are not always what they seem, Rachel knows she is going to have to find out more about the wounded man who ends up in her home. Helping Kell is a risk Rachel is willing to take, but the risk becomes even greater once Rachel realises she is falling in love with a man with no future.

My take on the book:
Now this story was written many years ago, so some of the mannerisms are a little outdated ( I believe they recently updated the book along with the cover) Yet the story is pretty good, non the less, I actually really enjoyed this one I mean it's no longer the cold war era but our soldiers still have enemies to combat so I just updated it for myself while I was reading. I have always enjoy Ms Howard's spy novels, the action is always good, the characters well developed, they flow well, the writing is always on point & the love scenes are always good. The heat between the two characters is amazing. Rachel takes a chance on Kell that turns out to be right, lucky for him too; that as a reporter she had been exposed to more of the world than your average person.  Until I read books like these I would have never though about it, not about the men & what they truly give up or even about what they did. Rachel needed Sabin just as much as he needed her & they are very good together. I enjoy seeing other characters in the books or even the hint of other characters & knowing that they have a future story coming up it's so cool. 

I love coming back to these books and reading them again, even though I know how the story ends, that's how good Linda writes her books.

If you like adventure, suspense and romance then this one belongs on your TBR Pile. Make sure to check it out.  
Be Blessed

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