Friday 23 September 2011

Friday Follow-Up

Hi my loves
ohh how  I have missed you, so I got my computer back late last night and had a good cry too. because my harddrive was completely corrupted and they had to give me a new one, so all the recent things i had created on the computer and all the stuff I had saved were gone. I spent most of last night attempting to get some of my old backups added on to the computer.

I am so sorry i haven't posted in a while I have gotten caught up in my classes and it's a faster pace than last year and it just seems i have no time to myself anymore. Not that is an excuse but hey I didn't have a laptop I could use.

Today is Mabon and I'm going to celebrate in style in my new home, how are you going to celebrate?

My sister's birthday is this weekend and then next weekend is my best friends birthday weekend, I swear after that I will be back more often, ohhh this weekend is also the PRACTICAL MAGIC PARTY, have you checked out the page??? It's amazing the amount of people who will be participating this year, I can't wait to see everyone's post, I think I just finished it this year for last year's post, amazing the creativity of the participants, don't forget to leave a comment if you come through and make sure to enjoy yourself!!!

For contest winners, look out in the mail for your winning packages, i mailed those who gave me address off yesterday or is it today, oh Goddess I have no idea, but keep an eye out for the broom!! Your prizes are inside!!

I have been knocking this list out one by one, slowly but surely, many small things, but some big ones in the works as well so YAY!!
1) I got a library card, luckily in my state you can register your card in upto five towns around you, so since I'm living in New Haven, I also registered in Braford, and Hamden, I live five minutes away from the huge New Haven library right next to Yale and I love walking over there almost everyday to study, sometimes I study on the steps, sometimes i go inside, but this library is as amazing as the New York City Flagship library in Manhattan, I'll give you guys a tour in a little while.

2) I got a new job, i still have my old job, but now I have one close to home and really enjoy not having to travel all the time, I don't have to get up super early to get there it's only 10 mins away.

3)Obviously I have begun to study for my Fall classes, otherwise I wouldn't be knocking out the A's that I have been, woohooo!!

4)Who doesn't Love Ikea shopping trips?? I picked up a few necessary items for my new apartment at rock bottom prices and had the luxury of knowing many of them were recycled items or easily recyclable or even had a low impact to them. Gotta love Ikea

5)Before I moved I packed up some serious stuff to go to Goodwill, and donated them just before and after I moved, once i moved in & realized I no longer needed some items, I gave them to family, friends, my parents and then to Goodwill, best things in world are gently loved items!!

6)Lucky for me living near so many colleges I didn't have to purchase my med surg book, i simply borrowed it from the library, free and I get to return it for someone else to get it again later, zero waste!!

7) I checked out Borders before they closed, but didn't see anything I really had to have, I had hoped to get my NCLEX books from them but they didn't have the new ones and the test changed this year so I definitely need something published with the new improvements. I was saddened to see them go,because good bookstores are getting harder and harder to find, thankfully, Barnes and Nobles doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon and they will be taking over a lot of the abandoned Borders (at least that was the rumour on yahoo news)

I have been busily decorating my new apartment and have had up my Mabon theme for a while I'll put up my altar pics on the On Altar'd Space, my blog about altars.

If you haven't scrolled to the very very bottom of the blog recently you might have missed my new little logo, you can add it to your blog roll and in a little while I will be snagging yours as well, my facebook badge is also down there.

HAPPY MABON EVERYONE, and a Blessed Harvest to you all!!!

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  1. Blessed Mabon! No need for apologies. A blog is not a place someone should feel the need to go to all the time, it is an outlet. Life happens, that is a good thing.


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