Monday 21 November 2011

Christmas Spirit Blog Post 1

I have to admit I'm a Christmas Movie addict, movies I would give the normal side eye to for being to cliche' or impractical get a Christmas pass, I love romance, I love Yule season, there is nothing more fun than a romantic Yule Movie. Here is a list of some of my favorites which I have been catching up on thus far!!
Holiday in Handcuffs,
I'm a Melissa Joan Hart fan, i've loved her since "Clarissa Explains It All", and I have watched a lot of her movies, and shows for years just because she's in it. Although I have to think 'in real life she would have been arrested long before this' this movie is AMAZING I love watching Slater and Sabrina together in a movie (Gods I just aged myself didn't I??) 
Anyway here is the synopsis:
"A struggling artist working as a waitress kidnaps one of her customers to bring home and meet her parents at Christmas after her boyfriend bails on her on the last moment"

Can I just say she took it to the heart when he dropped her on Christmas Eve?? I'm not sure this was the way to go but it certainly made the movie absolutely hilarious as David attempted to escape adn her Grandma "Don't Call Me that" kept getting into trouble man... a really good Yule movie, just suspend your belief in reality for a while and enjoy!!!

Another good ABC 25 days of Christmas Movie that I liked was Christmas Cupid I watched this one again on Netflix along with Holiday in Handcuffs. 

Starring the handsome Chad Michael Murray and Christina Milan and that girl from Pretty Little Liars as a would be angel and her job is doing what she can so she can get her wings.  This is another feel good comedic Christmas Movie but I love it!!! It's also a unique twist on "A Christmas Carol" Here is the preview below:

Can I say Hilarity ensues?? I personally really liked this one, because right up until the last few scenes you never knew whether to root for her or not.

Well, I hope you check out these two movies, and be aware that ABC is doing some great new 25 Days countdown starting Dec 1st and they will also have a new movie as well I will do a review for that one as well when I see it,

Happy Countdown everyone!!!
Yule Blessings


  1. I love that you love these movies, Aisha :) Don't lose that child inside! Hugs

  2. @Kallan Thanks I did enjoy them and Im going to be enjoying more this season


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