Tuesday 22 November 2011


30 years ago after forty two weeks of pregnancy, bed rest and worry a young teacher and her husband rushed to hospital so she could give birth to their first child, a little bundle of joy that they labored to have, a viable pregnancy after several miscarriages and the strong fear that they wouldn't have children, their little budnfle of joy slipped into the world, a 8lb baby girl, with a shock of black hair, beautiful brown eyes, and squall that shook the rafters. She was two weeks overdue and non too happy at having been prodded out before she was ready.... On this day they became a family......

Just for fun I looked up my birthday, man oh man today maybe a good day for my family but it is also an anniversary of JFK's assassination, surely a sad day for many.
I'm not sure how I feel about being born 18 years later, and having to share this date with him, not a good date at all. For those who lived through this, i am truly sorry such an amazing light was removed from our world.  

However this day makes me a Scorpio/Sagittarius with a love of the unseen mysteries so maybe I don't mind so much.  It Feels odd, because I'm clearly no longer a maiden, and I have no children (yet), so I'm not a mother and I'm no where near being a Crone (although I will truly revel in that aspect when I get there Goddess willing).  Where do I fit?? I figured I am a maiden who is a little on the mature side(ok mostly mature), I have accomplished a few of my dreams, I have a ton more to go, although I was too busy this month to really take on as many as I wanted the overall Goal of Midwifery is being worked on daily so that makes the Bucket list a little smaller for the 'new' year. 

I found a letter I had written to my future self as a young freshman in college and in it I had written some of my future goals and what i expected myself to be doing by this age, it was all written before I knew I was sick, before I knew how far my life would veer off the course I was setting,
"Dear future Michaela
by now I expect you have finished school, have found a great position that you love and are living so much better than this. Do we have any children yet?? Is our partner handsome?? If not I hope you have a very good excuse?? Like you have become a wanderer, a voyager to far off lands, and (please Goddess say you have left boring old CT behind)..."  HAHA if I knew then what my diagnosis was going to be a few months later maybe this letter would have been a little less like a punch in the gut, when I saw it; but it was a good reminder of how far I had come, how much better and richer my life is becoming now.

Even though I haven't hit all the milestones society has laid out, hell even the ones I placed there haven't all been hit, but it's great to have another year of goals achieved, dreams undeterred and life lived beneath the belt, now if I can only hit a few more before the world ends on Dec 21, 2012, I will be golden!!!

(Okay I admit I don't truly believe the world will end, but something big is coming and if it changes the world we know into something else I want to be able to say well hell at least I hit most of the bucket list...)

So enjoy this day, light a candle for JFK's family and his spirit and celebrate a little for me
Because It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!


  1. Well I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Aisha - I also hope you have many, many more :o))

  2. @Dark Wench Thank You!!!

    @Salem Witch Child Thank You as well!!

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