Thursday 3 November 2011

Paranormal Telly: Grimm:This is no fairy tale...

When I first heard the premise I thought " Ha that's going to be stupid" then of course I figured huh why not watch and see if it's stupid i can walk away no harm no foul, but I need another show to replace the disappointment that is Secret Circle, so here I was friday night watching this show. Man oh man it's got me hook line and sinker, and I'm so excited that "Just Jack" is executive producing (it's a Will and Grace reference).

I watched the show and whoowee i can't wait for Friday's episode, I want to know what's going to happen and who or what the heck is that chick, and the boss, and what else is going to happen and will his aunt be able to tell him enough before she dies, and ooh will his girlfriend stick around, will his partner?

Loved the little red riding hood tale, and how he ended up being the 'kind' huntsman who rescues her from the big bad wolf.  I really love the Big Bad Wolf Monroe, who he befriends, I can tell as long as the show keeps going the same way as this episode it should do pretty well. It's funny that to each of them are each other's bogeymen, to the Blutbot and the fairy tale characters, the Grimm's and family are used to scare them, to the average human, the fairy tales and it's monsters are told to scare them. I particularly loved the play on words about the Grimm Reaper.

The producers are from Angel. Buffy and X-Files so the show should have a pretty good backing and they have over 204 fairy tales to take from so plenty of good material to do the show on, hopefully they will continue on a good trajectory, because this is amazing!!!

You can watch new episodes on Hulu as well as NBC's website.
It's on NBC on Friday's 9/8est

Enjoy the tales my loves and I will see you


  1. Thanks for the previews. I don't watch much TV because I don't like reality shows or much else on. I will try out both Grimm and Once Upon a Time. They sound interesting.

  2. I have the first episode recorded but have not watched it yet. Glad for a review!

  3. I've been enjoying Grimm, too. It's much different from Once Upon a Time, but not in a bad way.


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