Tuesday 6 March 2012

Book Review: Zoe’s Gift

Book Title: Fallon Mates: Zoe’s Gift
Author Jory Strong
Publisher: Ellorascave
Pages: 174
Cost: $6.99
How I got it: Purchased
Synopsis: One look at the human female who is his match and the mating fever of the Vesti ignites in Miciah, making it impossible for him to deny what he wants. To go to Earth and claim her, he must choose an Amato co-mate. For him there is only one choice, the bisexual Iden. It’ll mean breaking the cultural taboos of the Vesti, but for Zoë, he and Iden will become lovers.

Miciah intends to keep his sexual relationship with Iden a secret as they take Zoë together. Iden has other ideas. What neither of them can know is they’ve starred in Zoë’s dreams for a week, so when they show up in her reality, she welcomes the chance to explore their fantasies—and her own.

My Review:
Having only read one other of the series I was so intrigued by the concept that I went searching for & found this one.  I love the place they met (sounds a lot like Burning Man if you ask me); to Zoe’s gifts, the tension between her two matches & their own story within the story. 

I loved how she created a whole world, a back story, and history without bogging down the book. The love that developed between the trio is amazing, they build a relationship which is heightened by the mating fever that they are exposed to.  

Zoe is special, she is a psychic of rare talent and this helps her, when she moves to the new planet with her lovers.  The gods that created their world also created or sent some of their people to Earth, so the story links up well. I loved this story although I personally wouldn't have kept that kind of information from my mates that she did, we all have our own ways of dealing I guess.  

I liked that as their relationship grew they embraced all parts of the relationship and even took on a cultural taboo and made it easier for others to face their fears.  

I'm hoping to read the rest of the series, but I believe this was the last one she wrote, before she had to take a break (don't quote me but I might remember this as something she had on her website) due to her mother passing. You can catch up her on her website here, or even on her page of Ellorascave , or on Goodreads.

Well enjoy this new read. It's out of this world (of course I had to come on..)


  1. This sounds delicious ;-)

    P.S. I just published a post were you can link your reviews from Jan-Mar. Late, but here ;-)


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