Wednesday 7 March 2012

KWW: What makes a Kitchen Witch

Recently I read an article that stated that you weren't a kitchen witch if you only cooked in the kitchen. I lol'd and then really thought about it. She was right. Just cooking isn't being a kitchen witch, and she was wrong, cooking with intention is about being a good kitchen witch.
Being a kitchen witch isn't about high magic, it's about taking the simple ingredients and making something magical out of it. It's a way to bring health, vitality, love and most of all, community within your family or home. Cooking can be therapy for some, a place to feel at home for others and a way to feel as if you count to others.
For me cooking is all of the above, watching family or friends enjoy a meal I created is one of the joys of being in the kitchen. Using fresh or local herbs, added to a plain base and creating a fantastic meal is a great way to feeling as if I'm doing something serious for my family.

I think that's one of the reasons I was feeling so disconnected. I love creating meals for a big family, I'm used to cooking for six, and now I'm down to cooking for two. It's weird, great for my family that we are moving and expanding, yet sad that we are expanding to different parts of the state and even different parts of the country. So no more sunday big dinners.  I'm now having to relearn my craft of cooking and scaling it down.
So what does make a kitchen witch? Is it what she mentions in the article? Is it a mix of being a domestic witch, high magic, and cooking? What is a kitchen witch to you?

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  1. Uhm... I always thought that a kitchen witch was someone witching in the kitchen... or witching with kitchen stuff. Too simple? ^^


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