Monday 20 August 2012

Fail of the Week:

Due to the increase in showing their a**es publicly I'm going to be doing an as needed feature when someone makes a complete and utter fail. Especially if they are in politics. I won't choose sides, even though I'm a 'bleeding heart liberal', I'm still more educated than these morons. Normally I try my best not to get political, or even discuss the depressing state of affairs as idiot after idiot take their issues out on the rest of the world, especially in the last two weeks, but this shyt right here?? I just want to slap his smug, asshole face. What kind of a f**ktard says bullshyt like this???

This weeks' featured moron?? This guy: Rep Tony Aiken a Republican *yeah no surprises there* from Missouri who on national television shared this gem with us
Not horrified enough?? Do you think maybe it's taken out of context?? Let's hear from Moron Todd himself:
Yes you read & heard that right. According to this uneducated no medical degree having asshole, women's bodies will protect them from getting pregnant after a " legitimate " rape. WAIT. WTF is "legitimate rape" is it being raped by a stranger, rape while your drugged, or is it your partner not stopping when you say no?? Does it only happen to good virgin girls?? Or are experienced women raped too?? WTF is it?? I didn't know we established degrees of rape and what makes it "real".  Is it real only when it happens in certain situations or is it only if the guy feels bad about it. Who makes the decision?? Cops, judges or the person that was RAPED. What about the young woman who was asleep on her boat and was raped?? Is that legitimate?? Does it only happen to young women?? Or are older women exempt. Please Mr, Aiken I need your vast experience and knowledge to explain to me what the f**k legitimate rape is. Excuse me will I throw things. These are the idiots making decisions on women's bodies and our rights???? This idiot who hasn't gotten past first grade understanding of human anatomy and biological science??? Really these are the people educated people are electing into office. You know what??? I'm tired of this idiocy America calls a government system, this two party foolishness that allows these uneducated idiots to decide one day they want to run for office and then stay in office forever. This is just complete and utter tomfoolery. People like this really can't exist, I refuse to believe that actual adults can believe this bullshyt, and have the nerve to share it with the rest of the world. Who told him that woman's bodies will protect them??? His priest?????  I need the names of those doctors he is talking about so I can check to make sure they actually attended medical school. I need their names Mr. Aiken, so we can ban them from going anywhere near women, or even attempting to actually practice medicine because clearly they bought their  license to practice. This is what happens when we allow complete and utter bullshyt called myths and legends to be taught as part of the school system. Creationism isn't science people it's your myths and your beliefs about how the world was created it doesn't f**king make it PROOF. I'm all for faith and having a system of beliefs that can't stand up to science, I'm a psychic; that can't be proven with scientific methods *not yet anyway*. but I would NEVER demand that my set of beliefs be taught in a schools SCIENCE lab, this is why. You teach these things and not the real hard proof of science; you deny children access to information about sex and their bodies and then show them this bullshyt; and then act surprised when idiots like this happen:
Bristol Palin, 'brilliant' progeny of Sarah Palin, Abstinence works ambassador 
I need for real people to vote this f**ktard out, he shouldn't be allowed to breathe and talk in public much less vote *why yes I see the irony as I type but it's true*  yet he is allowed to make rules and regulations pertaining to women's bodies. I need for American women to wake up and demand that the people making decisions that affect us have at least a medical background before they can talk about anything pertaining to our reproductive rights, because an asshole with convictions shouldn't be telling me I'm protected from an unwanted pregnancy biological and therefore won't need access to planned parenthood. Take a seat Mr. Aiken, this week you get the dummy of the Week award. Follow these directions, I'm sure it will feel like home:
What do you think of this man's ideas about women's bodies??? What the heck is legitimate rape?? Are there degrees I wasn't aware of?? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments please.


  1. This is wrong on so many levels I almost can't begin to comment on it. I am stunned by his level of stupidity. It's 2012 and he's spewing backward thinking from the dark ages. I think what bothers me most is this is yet another example of blame the rape victim instead of punishing the rapist.

    1. I know I'm just so annoyed. It's always the woman's fault that she didn't protect herself never the assholes fault. Imagine if she just had a better body she could have protected herself from a pregnancy. I want him to just fracking quit


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