Friday 24 August 2012

Follow Up and Follow Friday (7)

Welcome back to another fun week of Follow Friday. It's a chance to share about the things I love and think you should take a quick look into. Now several of you are here because your book junkies like me, other of you signed up for the blog about my life and got suckered into an increase in book reviews. Yeah sorry about that i will balance it all back out I swear.  Anyhoo, that's not what this is about, I'm going to share with you some of the links on how I get books for free to indulge the need to read and get lost in new worlds:

Have a kindle??? Well my loves sign up here to get emails daily or on your facebook timeline listing some really great and fun FREE, that's right I said Free reads. It's called Pixel of Ink and they are freaking awesome!!! They have three posts per day with links to amazon with tons of free books for your enjoyment. They even have YA section as well as inspirational books as well. The best part?? you don't even have to own a kindle to enjoy them simply sign up for the kindle app for your android phone or pc/mac/ipad and you can be rolling in the books too.  Sorry Nook readers, B&N doesn't seem to give as many books away for free as Kindle does. 

Of Course there is nothing like the free kindle list on Amazon itself. Click this link here to see the list and a preview of the books, One click and they can be yours for a grand total of Free.99, just make sure to check the price before you click!!!

Another way is Goodreads Shut up and Read Book Group, they have a Read & Reap program that links authors to readers/reviewers. As long as you can read the book within two weeks and sign up before the limited number is reachedm you can earn a book!!! 

Well those are some of the fun ways I get books, you can always also join in on the others that I will be listing again next week.  This is how I have cut my book budget down to almost zero I haven't had to purchase any books in months. Other than the library trip of course.  
Well it's another week and it's time to do the accounting.  This week I seemed to have slowed down on the reading I'm not sure why exactly. Maybe too many choices?? However I did manage to finish a few, I'm still working on the RCCleanup challenge, and I have gotten rid of a few reviews as well. I still have a bit left to go and a few more days to knock it out the ballpark. *crosses fingers**

What I have Read So Far:
Hostile Takeover by Joey W Hill
Scored by Lily Harlem *which was a freebie from the author on Goodreads.*
A Table for Three by Lainey Reese

Recent Reviews Posted:
Hostile Takeover by Joey Hill

What I'm Currently Reading :

  • Need by Sherri Hayes
  • Pretty Girls Don't Cry by Tony J. Winn
  • Rev It Up by Julie Ann Walker
  • Inspire Me by Veronica Darling

Will Be Reading Next:

  • Buddhism And Internet Meditation 
Welp this week wasn't as active as the week before. I will be doing some serious review cleaning up. How about y'all?? Share in the comments and I will come on over.
Happy Reading

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