Friday 7 September 2012

Follow Up & Follow Friday (9)

Welcome back to another fun week of Follow Friday. It's a chance to share about the things I love and think you should take a quick look into.
Newest clean eating and fitspiration buddies ( fit and inspiration together) are Fran from you can also find her on twitter and facebook with these same handles. She share the most amazing juicing recipes.

Have a great way for readers to get free books?? Please share in the comments, I'm sure we would love to all check it out. Now on with the show:

Here's a run down of the last week of reading. * indicates an ARC (advanced readers copy of the book)

What I have Read So Far: 
Terry Spear's Savage Hunger * (Goodreads/ Amazon) On Sale October 1 & 2nd
Legacy of the Witch~ Maggie Shayne (Goodreads/ Amazon) Kindle Freebie, preview to new series, Mark of the Witch.
Mark of the Witch ~ Maggie Shayne * (Goodreads/ Amazon) On Sale October 2012

Recent Reviews Posted: 
  • None this week, yeah I'm a little lazy this week
What I'm Currently Reading :  
  • The Unseen by Heather Graham
  • What nurses know about Headaches
  • Twice Shy
Fran from, issued a challenge for September, a squat challenge. I signed up on the second so i missed September 1st,
9/2 I did 50 squats non weighted (no weights or barbell) 
9/3 55 squats weighted (two ten lbs dumbells)
9/4 55 leg press @ 120lbs, 15 leg extensions @ 80lbs, and 10 leg curls @ 70lbs
9/5 OHHHMYGAWWWDDDD MYLEGS MY LEEEGGGSSS waaaaahhhhh (sufice to say, no squats today. )
9/6 56 with weighted barbell (barbell's natural weight) I also did lunges 5 each leg

Well this is my week so far. How have you been doing??

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