Monday 10 September 2012

Monday Confusion:

It's Monday, the day before Sept 11th and I'm not even sure what I should be feeling. It's been eleven years this year.  Have we healed?? Have people moved on or are we still carrying it with us. I mean I know I will never forget, but there is a bit of numbness involved when I think of that day. I feel lost whenever I have to think of Sept 11th as just a regular day, I don't want to forget the people that died but I really don't want to carry this sadness around anymore.

It's the beginning of another week and I have much to look forward to. Like this friday I get my new kindle fire (the new one they have debuting that day). i'm going to the gym tonight, my shows are showing tonight as well. It's a good day to be alive and happy and I think I feel kind of guilty for that considering what tomorrow is. I'm feeling confused and conflicted I don't know.

I think some of it also has to do with the fact that this is the first time in a very long time that I'm not taking classes. I haven't quit I just have to take a hiatus and I'm not liking it.It's fall my favorite season I can smell the pumpkin spiced incense already, I can't wait to watch leaves turn and walk during a rainy fall evening around my favorite city (Salem, MA). Even with those anticipatory feelings, there is something missing.

What are you plans for the week?? Are you guys/gals excited about Fall??How do you guys feel about tomorrow?? Share in the comments please.

Happy Monday and Have a blessed week

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  1. I am like you in that 9/11 brings mixed feelings. I am a New York native and like many, I know people that were lost in the buildings that day. I live in another state now, having left New York in 1998, but I still felt the sting. I think its okay to move on, but we will never really forget. I will always carry a piece of that day and I am okay with that.


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